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10 Best Cannabis-Infused Foods

10 Best Cannabis-Infused Foods

What’s honestly better than cannabis? Stuffing your face after getting the munchies of course! As the legalization of weed spreads, so has curiosity surrounding this magical plant. We’re not too sure who started experimenting food with cannabis first, creating what we know today as edibles, but our best bet is they consumed some cannabis and had the munchies before they decided it would be cool to combine the two. After doing some... ahem… research, we’ve found some really unique and fun cannabis-infused foods; many containing cannabis butter, oil, flour, etc. Cooking cannabis in fats and oils helps decarboxylate it, a process used to activate the marijuana. Incorporating cannabis into your your favorite foods is actually easier than you might think. Who knows, maybe some of these ideas will inspire you to create your own. Enjoy!

cannabis-infused brownies

1. Brownies. Spice up the most common edible with a much richer, creamier chocolate that is out of this world. Try baking some fancy triple chocolate Ghirardelli brownies (brownie mix you can get from your local Costco) and add some cannabis butter (ground marijuana mixed with butter) and walnuts to the mix. Drizzle some caramel on top of the finished product, and this is guaranteed to make the cannabis lover’s taste buds tingle.

cannabis-infused crabcakes

2. Cannabis Crab Cakes! Seriously? Have we gone gourmet? The answer is YES, and you better eat these with your pinkies up because we’re stepping up our game. Seafood mixed with cannabis butter not only makes for a great combination, it’s magical. Give this concoction a try, you will not be disappointed.

cannabis-infused macaroni and cheese

3. America’s favorite comfort food - Mac n’ cheese. Forget your ordinary basic Kraft’s box macaroni and cheese. There is a noteworthy thanksgiving quality smoky mac n’ cheese with a fun kick out there. Makes sense right? Who wouldn’t love a childhood nostalgia-inducing creamy mac n’ cheese, mixed in with cannabis butter, baked with some fatty bacon bits, caramelized onions under a nice crisp layer of golden bread crumb. The thought of this dish just makes my inner-child drool.

cannabis-infused strawberries

4. Cannabis Chocolate-covered strawberries. Wait, what?! Yes, you read right. To make this well-known intimate dessert, simply enhance the melted chocolate with cannabis coconut oil before dipping the berries in. The cannabis infused coconut oil actually acts as a magic shell, hardening the chocolate quickly and becoming instantly ready for you to indulge in a fun-filled evening.

cannabis-infused ice cream

5. You scream, I scream, we all scream for Cannabis Ice cream! What better way to treat yourself with America’s favorite dessert than to kick it up a few notches? All you have to do is simmer some heavy cream with grounded cannabis, strain and add to any ice cream recipe. Presto. You’ve got a chilly treat you can’t resist.

cannabis-infused donuts

6. Cannabis-infused donuts. Okay, is this even real life anymore? Using cannabis flour (ground marijuana sifted with flour) and ground cannabis simmered with milk, you can create an amazingly soft, fluffy donut anyone would love to sink their teeth into.

cannabis-infused coffee

7. Cannabis Coffee. Maybe you need something to wash those irresistible cannabis infused donuts down with, because there is even cannabis coffee available. You can buy the infused coffee pods at certain dispensaries in California, Nevada, Colorado, Oregon, and Arizona. Keep your coffee-loving eye out, as it continues to expand to more locations. Have some time to make the coffee yourself? Simply combine the coffee with ground cannabis buds and brew as normal. Add creamer and sweetener as desired and enjoy!

cannabis-infused wine

8. Cannabis-infused wine. This relaxing duo can be found in a winery based in California. The wine and weed mix gives the ultimate unwind after a long week of work. It is known to give the familiar warm cheery effects of alcohol with the addition of an extra good night’s rest after. Not everyone can get their hands on this bottle of joy though. It is pricier than the average bottle of wine ($120-$400 a bottle) and you need a marijuana license to obtain it.

cannabis-infused moscow mule

9. Malibu Mule. A popular drink in the 50s, the well-known Moscow Mule of today had cannabis syrup included to give you a next-level buzz in your refreshing minty mule. Imagine ordering that at a bar...that would be nuts! No worries, make it yourself and you can enjoy this awesome beverage at home.

cannabis-infused pizza

10. Cannabis Pizza. A must. You can either bake a fresh pizza using any of your favorite recipes found online and drizzle cannabis oil on top before popping it into the oven, or you can sprinkle baked ground cannabis on top of a pizza takeout order and reheat. Not only is there no odor, it tastes amazing.

The creativity of some of these recipes are so out of this world we can barely contain our excitement. Although these foods we’ve discussed about are definitely worth giving a try, we strongly recommend you pacing yourselves when consuming edibles. You might think you’re not really feeling anything and continue stuffing your face with these delicious treats, but it can definitely hit you all at once and give you a bigger high than you’ve bargained for. Don’t forget the classic way to consume cannabis, head on over to our shop for all your must-have smoking accessories! We have your back.

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