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5 Dabbing Tips for Beginners

5 Dabbing Tips for Beginners

If you are new or curious to dabbing, it may seem a little intimidating but don’t let that stop you from trying it out. Trust us when we tell you, many smokers prefer getting high through dabbing than any other method such as smoking from a bowl or a bong because of the superior buzz you can achieve from it. Don’t let a little complexity discourage you from giving dabbing a fair try. There’s a reason why it’s one of the most popular methods to consume bud. Let’s ease into this together with some dabbing tips for a rookie, we’ve got you covered.

What is Dabbing?
Unique Reverse Dab Rig

If you haven’t researched much, “dabs” are highly concentrated doses of weed. They are also known as wax, hash oil, and budder. Dabs are created from extracting THC and other cannabinoids using carbon dioxide or butane. The end result should leave you with beautiful, super potent, sticky oil ready to dab away. Dabbing requires heating a dose of concentrate on a nail or other hot surface, and inhaling through a dab rig. This may sound simple, but it’s actually more complex than that. Also, make sure you have the necessary tools for your session, including a rubber dab mat that will definitely come in handy. Although dabbing isn’t considered one of the safest ways to consume weed, it can be a great experience if you get the hang of it.  

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5 Dabbing Tips for Beginners

1. Stay hydrated
stay hydrated

Generally, a good rule of thumb is to drink plenty of water when consuming cannabis. Dabbing will especially give some gnarly throat burns, particularly if you take huge hits from the scorching hot nails that are usually heated up to 482 degrees celsius. Besides drinking it, keeping water near you is also highly recommended to help recover from a lot of coughing after your first hit (especially for beginners).

2. Dab in a relaxing, chill environment

Dabbing can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating new experience for a rookie, so it helps to make yourself comfortable in a setting you’d prefer to trying dabbing for the first time, or first few times. Being in a calm environment will help ease anxiety and calm some nerves before getting into it and can help create a more pleasant experience overall especially since weed concentrates have high THC content, which can also trigger anxiety.

3. Always start in small doses

Do not overlook this tip! You’ve got to make sure you don’t get too carried away with the euphoric high unlike any other of dabbing and ruin a good thing. As a beginner, you have still yet to learn your limitations before getting too high to a level that is past enjoyment. So start off slow and in small quantities. One powerful dab might do it for you, as you slowly progress and learn your limits and how to gauge them as you gain more experience with dabbing.

4. Choose a chill day to dab

Besides starting off in small doses, the high potency in these powerful hits (even just one dab) can leave you pretty high, especially if you opted for the sativa concentrate. If you end up consuming too much, you might be too high to function for awhile so make sure it’s your day off or you have no big plans that day so you can relax and enjoy. Make sure you allow enough time to come down from your high, since it can last for hours. Hang out, pick a chill movie, and ride it out.

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5. Watch and learn from an expert
dabbing expert

A lot of times, learning first-hand with an expert that can show you the ropes will help a rookie learn faster. Expert dabbers can offer super useful tips from experience, offer pointers to avoid potential disasters or burns, and answer all questions you may have to get you on your way to become a pro like them. A lot of new smokers will waste a lot of oil during the dabbing process, and an expert can show the ropes on how to conserve to have the oil last as long as possible to achieve your desired high.

Not only has dabbing become the preferred method of consuming cannabis, it also gives you one of the most incredible and potent highs of this world. Dabbing skips all the fluff and cuts right to the good stuff with the concentrates also known as liquid gold. If you are new to all of this, it might seem a bit overwhelming, but trust us when we say - it’s worth trying and learning to get the hang of! We were all rookies at some point, practice and experience makes perfect. Follow the tips we’ve listed above to help you get on your way before you become one of the pros yourself helping out the next newbie. Happy smoking!

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