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5 Tips to Upsell Your Customer at a Cannabis Dispensary

5 Tips to Upsell Your Customer at a Cannabis Dispensary

Learning the art of effective upselling at a cannabis dispensary means to understand what exactly the customer is looking for. When you focus on your customer’s experience and needs, upselling will benefit you and your customer equally. What exactly is upselling? To upsell, you are encouraging potential or returning clients to purchase additional to product(s)/services to what they are already in the process of buying. The goal is to thoughtfully increase or upgrade the primary purchase total in a customer’s visit. If you can use some tips on learning or improving the art of upselling at a cannabis dispensary, keep reading! We’re here to help you with that today.


1. Display Details

attractive display

A critical starting point is to take a look at your sales history and inventory to gain insight into what is selling well at your smoke shop, and what is currently popular within the cannabis industry. Focus on displaying both mid- to high-range cannabis top-selling products by strategically placing them close to check out or in a central area where customers will likely spot when they enter your dispensary. Help spark some interest in your customers by using attractive signs based on your demographic, location, and target market to draw them in. Are you low on inventory of top-selling items? Check out TokersHub for the best selection and unbeatable prices on wholesale smoke shop supplies.

2. Know What’s in

Stay current and up-to-date with current cannabis retail trends and use the knowledge to your advantage to gain a perspective of what customers are looking for, and use data collected to help predict what hot cannabis products or accessories will be the next big hit. Help educate your customers that want to stay ahead of trends by enticing them on new upcoming marijuana-related products that are hitting the market. Weed Vaporizers have been dominating the marijuana industry with constant new and improved sleek vape products to enjoy. Make sure you stock your shelves with the best quality and value wholesale vape supplies at TokersHub.


3. Get to Know Your Customer

Use current trends, demographic, purchase history, as well as what you know about them based on your interactions with individual customers to introduce products they might like. Get into your customers’ heads to get a better idea of what they’re looking for when they come in - whether if they came specifically for a certain product or just browsing and open to try new cannabis products. Be intuitive and observant without being overly-aggressive when you are upselling cannabis products. Most customers appreciate efficient, reliable, and quality service from sellers they feel comfortable asking questions with. 

4. Make Your Customers Feel Special

cannabis smoke shop sale

Offer customers in-store special deals to make them feel exclusive and special. Giving special discounts to new members will also help build rapport and encourage returning customers. Urge your customers to purchase your products now by giving limited-time offers (such as holiday sales) that will never come back in your store. Give customers a sense of urgency to buy to help them with big cost savings if they are to make the buy today. Express genuine appreciation and professionalism for your customers and show them you care about their in-store experience by educating them on your products, answering any questions, and encouraging them to contact you for any concerns or issues with your products. People these days care more for genuity now more than ever and can see right through ulterior motives.

5. Offer Customers Reward Programs

Give customers opportunities to save extra money or to work towards a goal for free giveaways and other benefits with reward points by spending more. For example, if your customer spends $50, they will earn 50 points towards store credit or a complimentary accessory if they join your loyalty program. This encourages customers to come back into your smoke shop and adds something to look forward to at checkout, especially when they believe they are benefiting more from their purchases with add-ons and other freebies.



Get creative in the ways you can upsell to help add value to your customers’ purchases. Many times, educating your customer on cannabis culture alone helps open doors to trying and buying more products, especially if you offer a reasonable return policy to help ease hesitant clients. Upsell products that you believe your customers would enjoy without being too pushy. If the priority is creating the ideal customer’s experience rather than purely meeting sales goals, you will be more likely to lead better sales records in the end by making your customer feel valued rather than being just another sale. Be ahead of the trends, understand what your target marketing is looking for, and be inviting. Make your dispensary a store customers would want to come back to for more products as well as refer their smoker friends to. Good luck, and happy smoking!

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