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7 Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana Dispensaries

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Marijuana Dispensaries

As most of us know, marijuana offers a wide range of benefits from both medical and recreational usage. However, not until 2016 was it legal for most adults over 21 to enjoy the awesome benefits without a prescription in certain states. Nowadays, you can find a good number of legally licensed marijuana dispensaries in some US states to visit without much trouble in order to stock up on your necessities for a good session. If you are a newcomer to the cannabis community, welcome! It might be a little new and overwhelming for a newbie trying to get their feet wet, but we’re here to help. We’ve collected some of the most frequently asked questions people have about dispensaries and answered them all below. Here’s what you need to know before stepping foot in a dispensary near you. Keep reading to find out more!


1. What is a Recreational Dispensary?

A recreational marijuana dispensary is similar to a vitamin supplement store, health food or retail store. The difference being that it specializes in recreational marijuana use. Here, you are able to purchase marijuana without having to provide a doctor’s note, just a valid ID over 18yo is needed. You’ve come to the right place, because there are more then just medical forms of weed here. Recreational dispensaries typically also sell marijuana in flower/bud, wax, oils, baked goods, drinks, and other forms. Feel free to explore all the possibilities!


2. What’s the difference between recreational and medical marijuana?

There are a lot of similarities between medical and medical marijuana, but there are also some differences. The biggest difference, one might argue, is that medical cannabis can only be accessible in certain pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription. This also comes with a lot of restrictions. At a recreational dispensary, you can purchase marijuana without a doctor’s note while avoiding a lot of the hassle, but you may not be able to get anything targeted for a specific medical condition. However, you should still be able to experience the psychoactive effects of the beautiful plant in its many forms available at the recreational dispensaries. State taxes also apply differently for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.



3. Can anyone enter a dispensary?

Unfortunately, no. You must be 21 years of age or older with a valid ID or passport in order to shop at a marijuana dispensary. This rule applies to everyone in your party, regardless if they are there to shop or not. It’s just the rules.


how much weed can i purchase

4. How much weed can I purchase at a time?

You are unable to purchase huge quantities of cannabis when it comes to recreational use. It is intended for limited personal use. In states where it is legal, such as Colorado, tourists and residents can buy up to 28 grams of cannabis products at a time. This is a huge jump from the 7-gram cap for non-residents in the past.



5. Where can I recreationally use it?

Now that you’ve got the goods, where can you go to enjoy it? Another common question...The legality of the laws limit where you can consume weed, which makes it a little harder for people, especially tourists to find a place to go because you are not able to consume in a public place. This has been a particularly significant issue for Colorado with a spike in arrests for public weed consumption. If you don’t have a room or house to enjoy your weed, there are some specified public places that allow weed consumption. Just do your research.

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6. Can I drive after consumption?

Yes, you are able to operate a vehicle after consuming marijuana if under 5 nanograms per ml of blood. But whether or not you should drive after consumption is a tricky question because people metabolize weed differently depending on their body and it’s difficult to tell how impaired you really are. Choose wisely! If you feel a little too high, or you’ve got bloodshot eyes, just make the smart choice of getting an Uber or setting the keys down until the effects subside instead. Like alcohol, weed is impairing and can severely affect your driving ability.


weed out of state

7. Can I take the weed out of state with me?

No. Although it is legal to purchase and possess weed in legalized states, you can’t take it with you across state borders (driving or flying) where it’s not legalized. It’s not worth the risk bud. Trust us. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

Hopefully, some of your burning questions are answered above and have given you some clarity and peace of mind before confidently going into a marijuana dispensary. Have a good time and enjoy, but please make sure you respect the rules and laws of the legalized states. One day, someday, maybe...just maybe, every state in the US will legalize recreational marijuana. That’s probably every cannabis lover’s dream. We will keep dreaming until then, high as a kite. Cheers my friends, and happy smoking!

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