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7 Fun Things to Do While High

7 Fun Things to Do While High

Calling all cannabis lovers! We all definitely know everything is extra enhanced when feeling elevated from herb, whether it’s doing an activity or enjoying your food. There are some things in particular that will take your experience just a bit further, helping take your creativity and mind to the next level. Curious and looking for some fun things to do while you’re super high? Out of ideas? You’ve come to the right place, my friend! We’ve come up with a list of interesting activities to try for your recreational enjoyment. Keep reading to get inspired!

1. Make art

creative art

Let’s get creative! Whether you want to go full out and paint with some fun, bright colors on canvas, draw on a sheet of paper or notepad, or maybe mold something creative with clay or playdough, the choices are endless. Maybe even think back to your childhood arts and crafts days and google up some easy art tutorials with common household items you’re bound to have laying around the house. You don’t necessarily need to know exactly what you’re making, molding, painting, or drawing. Or even grab a coloring book and some crayons from the 99 Cents Store. Whatever you decide, just go for it and let your imagination take over. Many stoners reported increased focus, contentment and much lower feelings of stress during their arts project. 

2. Hop in the shower

This is a great time to take a nice hot shower or bubble bath. Play some nice, chill music, light some scented candles, and take some time to pamper yourself. Enjoy the amazing sensations of lathering up in the soft soapy suds, the heat of the water on your skin, and the subtle aroma wafting from your candles. Relax into your shower or bath and make sure you take your time, being fully present with this moment for yourself.


3. Meditate


Time for some late spring cleaning...of the mind. For beginners, YouTubing guided meditation is a great starting place. We are so used to hectic, busy schedules, long to-do lists, obligations, and stresses. A person has an average of 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day...that is a lot of thinking, my friends! Let’s slow down our busy minds for a little while, and just be. If you listen to guided meditation, find a nice quiet place to sit comfortably while following along. You can also try practicing mindful meditation by closing your eyes and observing your thought patterns in an unattached way. Being high usually helps with this. Instead of trying to control, let your mind wander, focus on your breathing, and simply observe your thoughts without attaching any emotions to them. 

4. Sensory Deprivation Floating tanks 

If you’ve never heard of it before, sensory deprivation floating tanks, a.k.a. isolation tanks are individual saltwater soundproof tanks filled at room temperature to enable individuals to feel as if they are floating in space. Some use these tanks for regenerative medicinal purposes, and others use it for therapy and unique experience. Many smokers recommend trying the experience under the influence of cannabis to kick it up a notch or two.

5. Clean

Hold on, hold on! Before you quickly dismiss this suggestion, many potheads swear by cleaning while high. Nothing is much better than being productive and enjoying it, so spark up, throw on some rubber gloves and tackle that pile of dirty dishes. After your high wears off, not only have you enjoyed and immersed yourself in the act of cleaning, your house will be squeaky clean too! Two birds, my celebrate, you can light up another joint because you did a great job adulting yay!

6. Turn on your lava lamp

lava lamp

You can dig deep in your garage in the old box of junk and might find luck in your good old lava lamp from middle school (make sure it still works). If you don’t have one or your lava lamp is broken, you can pick one up for about $7 and up at your local Target, online, or test your luck at your nearest thrift store. Plug it in your room, turn off your lights, and just chill. Maybe play your favorite music to get high to, or some nature sounds and just get mesmerized by the floating hot wonderful globs for a while.

7. Grocery shop

Believe it or not, grocery shopping while stoned can be a very calming and interesting experience. You have the opportunity to browse through every aisle, every snack you’ve been craving, and maybe find some new treats you’d like to try.  You can end up here for hours, having a blast in the grocery store (sounds funny, but it’s true). This is a good time to have a cheat day and just indulge (you’ve probably already decided this before getting high). A good tip is to bring only cash with you so you don’t let your high self get too carried away with purchasing almost every tempting snack in the aisle.

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A lot of these activities will actually inspire creativity and create new perspectives and thoughts while you do them. Give one of these a try, or all (why not)! Whether you want to be daring and try an isolation tank therapy session or just stay at home and watch a lava lamp, there is no bad option. You are bound to find an activity you’ll really enjoy doing while high and you may come up with some creative ideas of your own, you’ll never know. The sky’s the limit. Happy smoking!

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