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8 Tips to Improve Customer Service at Your Dispensary

8 Tips to Improve Customer Service at Your Dispensary

As more and more dispensaries start to emerge, it becomes another highly competitive industry to battle for the survival of the fittest. Many dispensaries have been forced to close for not abiding by laws, such as selling more than the legal limit in California. Besides being in compliance with all regulations of owning a cannabis dispensary business, it is important to provide and maintain excellent customer experiences for all clients. At TokersHub, we value our customers and believe it is critical to survive in this industry by providing exceptional and professional service. As the new year is quickly approaching, we want to set you up with a fresh clean slate to get the next year started the right way. We’ve put together some great tips to help build rapport with customers and improve overall customer service at your dispensary.

1. Be selective in hiring employees

dispensary employees

Like any other job, make sure you go through the proper recruitment process for budtenders and other dispensary staff at your smoke shop. Your employees as well as you will represent your dispensary, and you want to make the best impression possible for everyone who enters the store. The last thing you want to do is hire employees who don’t care about their job or your customers. This may put your image, reputation, and cannabis business at risk. Perform the necessary due diligence to hire qualified individuals that will make a good fit for your dispensary.

2. Require specialization

It doesn’t need to be mandatory to hire people with a specialization in the cannabis industry. However, there are many advantages to hiring people with knowledge or expertise in certain cannabis products. Hiring employees that are passionate about cannabis products or are planning to pursue a career in this industry long-term will often show much more dedication to the job, professionalism, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn.

3. Offer adequate pay

Generally, employees who feel valued at their job will care more. Giving adequate pay will help show consideration and care for your budtenders and they will usually in turn, take care of you. If you are not familiar with typical salaries for budtenders, refer to market data to get a better idea of what you can offer with your budget. Of course, take into consideration level of experience as well when determining pay rate.  

4. Provide proper training

employee training

Provide a mandatory and thorough training program for your new employees that includes some important benchmarks over a period of time that you want covered before moving on to more autonomous roles. High turnover may be due to the lack of adequate training. Make sure you make the work environment for your employees a comfortable place to communicate and ask all questions to get a better understanding of the field.

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5. Solidify your standards early

Take some time to decide what standards you’d like to set for your dispensary, put it together, and share with your employees what you expect of them at your smoke shop. Discuss methods to prevent employee theft. Set a cannabis corporate culture that invites retailers to look beyond meeting sales quotas to include the customer experience in the makeup of the strategy. This helps increase engagement and loyalty to your smoke shop and brand while implementing professionalism to your practice.

6. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy

Because the cannabis industry is so highly regulated and subjected to compliance checks, it makes it that much more important to be extra careful that your dispensary is following the laws and regulations of the state at all times. If you become too lenient with your budtenders, you may very well risk or jeopardize losing your business. Enforce a zero-tolerance policy for any harassment, theft, or failure to comply with your rules and standards. You as well have the responsibility to provide a safe work environment for your employees.


7. Show appreciation for your budtenders

Besides offering adequate pay for your employees at your dispensary, show appreciation for their help in contributing to success of your company. This helps recognize and reinforce positive behavior while setting high standards for your employees. Implement employee recognition programs such as employee of the month, sales goals, and bonuses to help them have something to work towards.



8. Be involved in the dispensarybudtenders

Being a cannabis business owner may require ample attention in all aspects of running a smoke shop, but it is also important to make sure you don’t create a disconnect between the business side and the customer experience. Stay involved with your store managers and employees, and ask for routine feedback to find ways you can improve the experience for your customers and well as your employees to be able to perform at their best.

Besides providing the best customer service at your dispensary to keep your clients coming back and referring their friends, it is also important to stock your shelves with quality products. Some products you just get what you pay for. If you educate your employees on selling some of the higher end products as a way of investing in quality, customers will definitely notice the difference once they upgrade. TokersHub prides itself in being a top-of-the-line wholesale smokeshop supplier and wholesale vape supplier, and accessories for dispensaries. If your dispensary could use some replenishing on your goods or curious to stay ahead of marketing trends, make sure you check out TokersHub for the latest top-selling items. Happy smoking!

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