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8 Useful Advertising Tips to Market in the Cannabis Industry

8 Useful Advertising Tips to Market in the Cannabis Industry

Being in the cannabis industry is definitely anything but dull. This ever-growing industry is considered very unique to most other industries as it becomes more widely accepted and legalized in more and more states. The increased demand in the cannabis industry offers new opportunities for sellers to market to a wider audience. However, high demand also brings high competition. With so much potential profit in this market, learning the best marketing techniques in this unique industry will help your cannabis business not only survive but also flourish. Keep reading to find out great advertising ideas to create awareness, bring more traffic to your business, be ahead of the competition, and ultimately drive more sales.


Research Your Target Market 

Who are your target consumers? Some industries use marijuana for medicinal purposes while other industries will use it for recreational purposes. Get to know the supply and demand for your business and the demographics of the buyers. Research the educational and social backgrounds of your customers in order to strategically market to them. 

design memorable logo

Design a Memorable Logo

Logos are very effective in brand building. In order to promote a successful marijuana business, you must create a memorable logo design that will evoke certain emotions to relate to your target audience. If your logo creates a good reaction emotionally to your logo design and color(s), consumers will likely visit your business. 

Advertise Your Business in Weed Magazines and Your Local Radio Stations

Promoting your business using advertisements in the cannabis industry magazines will help bring awareness specifically to your target market. Most of the time, people picking up these type of magazines are already interested in buying products. Make note other competitors will also be promoting their businesses in the same weed magazines. Make your ad unique to help stand out from the rest.


Utilize Social Media

Most consumers are on social media these days, and it doesn’t make sense to be absent from the powerful platforms. Popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be great tools to spread awareness of your business among others in the vast market. Stay relevant! Make your presence known, posting often enough to remind your customers you are here to supply their demands with great products.

collaborate with influencers

Collaborate with Influencers

If your budget allows, sponsoring popular Youtubers in the cannabis industry to do reviews on your smoke products would be a great way to get your brand out there. Sometimes, sending free PR packages of your products will do the trick to get featured on an instagram page, youtube video, or Facebook post. If you create a video that goes viral, you will also be able to drive tons of new traffic to your business. You can reach more customers on the web in the shortest amount of time than ever before. The possibilities are endless, so take advantage!

Create a Modern and Easy-to-Navigate Website

Online shopping is more popular than ever. People are browsing, searching, and shopping the internet through their smartphones, laptops, and ipads. Create a modern website that has more information on your products and everything a customer would want to know, including a brief “About” section about you and your company, including contact information. Make sure your website design is easy to navigate, clear, and clean (not over-cluttered). This will help visitors linger on your webpage longer, which is great for business whether or not they purchase any products. They may bookmark to check back at a later date. 


Introduce your marijuana business to your family, friends, and colleagues to help spread word of mouth to their circles. Attend some cannabis-related events in your area, meet the people there and make some connections. You may meet some businesses that can offer some beneficial insight being in the marijuana industry and you may end up helping each other along the way. Don’t forget to bring your business card to these events with all your contact details for business inquiries.

get feedback

Get Feedback

Getting involved in any business is a learning experience and there may be many mistakes made throughout your marketing process for your smoke products. Some marketing campaigns may fail to get your desired results, and it’s okay. Evaluate what went wrong to implement the improvements necessary to adjust for a better campaign next time. Encourage feedback from customers, family, friends, and colleagues to identify exactly what you can do to improve your marketing strategies.

Hopefully, following the tips above will help drive more traffic and sales to your cannabis business. It is important we stay current and be ahead of the game by being versatile in adapting to this world of savvy technology. As the demand for smoke products increases, so does your profit potential. With that said, it is crucial to utilize all the social media platforms available that has the capability to bring massive awareness to help drive more visitors to your website. Remember, keep your standards and dreams high my friends! Cheers.

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