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Best Stoner Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Stoner Christmas Gift Ideas

Yes, it’s that time of year again! The gift of giving just keeps on giving. Attention all cannabis lovers: Have you got some smoker friends and not sure what to get them for Christmas this year? Need a gift for White Elephant? A nice gesture for your roomie? Hell, why not treat yourself a little? Christmas shopping can be very stressful, trust us - we can be a dilemma. Not to fret, my friends! Here are some great present ideas for all smokers.

Unique Thick Reverse Art Recycler Dab Rig 
What makes this dab rig unique is the custom hand blown unique masterpiece. The beautifully accented color designs give rig and dome personality and a nice flare. No two pieces are exactly alike to make this gift that much more special to give. This recycler contains a drop inline perc to make the water bubble to its maximum level to give you the most flavor of the concentrate. If you are looking for the smoothest filtered smoke and tastiest, this rig will undoubtedly do the job.

banger hanger

Sci-Fi Monster Banger Hanger
With the steady rise of popularity and demand for domeless quartz nails, banger hanger rigs have become one of the hottest new glass trends. This Sci-Fi Monster will be the best gift for anyone who appreciates the cleanest jaw-dropping glasswork and sci-fi classics. This 14 inch beauty features thick construction glass has a level female joint and is perfect for adding glass drop down adaptors to use with domeless quartz nails. Gift this to someone special for an out of this galaxy smoke experience!

Thick Wig Wag Unique Color Wave Pipe 
Looking for a nice portable stocking stuffer? These little gems will satisfy without breaking the bank. If you are looking for a nice gift without spending too much, we carry the best uniquely hand blown hand pipes. Its mesmerizing design in variations of different colors allow you to easily personalize to their taste. They’re so cheap and efficient it’ll be hard to buy just one!

herb grinder

King Crowned Skull Grinder
Put some life into your ordinary herb grinder by getting this three-part skull design! This grinder is made with high quality material and fine blades to ensure ease in breaking apart buds during the smoking process. You can trust this bad boy is easy to use and clean. Using this grinder helps assure evenly grounded consistency, pack bigger bowls, and ensures potent extraction and thicker smoke. Not to mention the awesome intricate details of the skull design makes the cannabis grinder oh so gift-worthy!

Sci-Fi 9mm Straight Shooter
Standing at a nice 18 inches, the sci-fi straight shooter features thick glass and offers smooth smoke, unlike beaker-style bongs. Straight shooter bongs like these also carry less drag and makes you choke less. Their straight tube design allows the smoke to be condensed in a straight line to help you inhale the smoke better. Buy this piece if you want your bong-loving recipient to enjoy a bong that is less harsh on the lungs!

Whether you are looking be a little more conservative in your holiday spending this year or want to go all out, there are presents for everybody! TokersHub prides in supplying you with the best unique ideas for presents that can promise not to be re-gifted. Christmas shopping does not have to be dreadful when you’ve got quality selection like ours to shop from. Happy Holidays friends! Stay warm, and elevate your high with us.

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