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Bongs vs Bubblers

Many non-smokers have no clue what the difference between bongs and bubblers are. Let’s be real - many people in general don’t even know what a bubbler is. Bongs, on the other hand, are one of the most commonly known tools for enjoying cannabis and tobacco. The obvious similarities between the two are that both bongs and bubblers are used as smoking devices and may resemble each other. In order to decide which smoking device is better, it’s good to get a break down of both to see the similar and unique qualities bongs and bubblers both share.

Hk & Reverse Art Bong

What is a Bong?

A bong is essentially a filtration device; also known as a water pipe. Its used for consuming cannabis and tobacco products and is one of the most common ways of consuming cannabis. The purpose of the bong is to filter and cool the smoke for the smoker. The bong is made up of five basic parts: the carb, bowl, downstem, base and tube. Through the evolution of bongs, they can be made of several different materials including ceramics, plastic, glass, and bamboo. Bongs come in many different sizes, shapes, and forms. Our Hk & Reverse Art bong offers a unique 14” bong featuring reverser art with honeycomb perc filtration.


  • Stronger high. Bong bowls are larger, the chambers contain more space between the mouth piece and bowl allowing larger hits for bongs than bubblers.
  • Longer bowls. You can smoke with larger groups with bongs before having to repack a bowl because you are able to fit more cannabis in a bong bowl.
  • High tolerance. Bongs are usually a better option for those who have higher tolerance for the plant.
  • Easier maintenance. Bongs are easier to clean because you are able to take apart the bong and clean each piece separately.
  • Customizable. Bongs have more variety; from bowls to percolators, sizes, shapes to choose from to personalize and customize to your liking.


  • More fragile. Bongs tend to be made of thinner glass than bubblers and can break easily. They are not as easy to hold, are bigger in size and cover more surface area, leaving them prone to being knocked over or dropped.
  • Not easy to conceal. Due to their bigger size and breakability, bongs are not easy to find proper storage for compared to bubblers that can fit in a pocket.
  • Costs to maintain. Because bongs have removable parts such as downstems, bowls, and percolators, you will need to replace these every now and then. This means added running cost to bongs versus bubblers that come with all the pieces intact.
  • Less stealthy. If you are trying to be sneaky, good luck. Bong rips will be easily identifiable from people within earshot due to their distinguishable bubbling sound.
  • Can cause odor. If you do not properly clean your bong or change the water often enough, the odor that they give out are definitely not pleasant to be near.

What is a Bubbler?
A bubbler is also a water pipe, but smaller than bongs and resemble a typical water pipe in appearance and functionality. Bubblers are composed of three basic parts: a mouth piece, bowl, and stem. You simply fill the chamber with cold water (for cooler smoke), fill your bowl with some ground weed, light your bowl and gently draw the smoke from the chamber, and inhale. The shape of a bubbler usually comes in two forms - the “Sherlock Holmes” style how people smoked pipes back in the day, or a small version of a bong. Our Fritt Dicro Medium  Bubbler is sure to satisfy with a beautiful mesmerizing blue finish.


  • Compact. Bubblers tend to be smaller in size than bongs. They are easily portable, light in weight and operable requiring use of only one hand.
  • Ready to go. All of the pieces required to use a bubbler come in tact ready to fulfill your smoking needs almost immediately. No need for extra bowls, percolators, and other accessories.
  • More durable. Their shape allows better grip, making bubblers less likely to be dropped than bongs. Bubblers are also usually made of thicker glass than bongs making them less likely to break.
  • Good in-between piece. If you are looking for something that hits harder than a pipe but not quite as hard as a bong, a bubbler is the way to go.
  • Secretive. Bubblers hit quieter than bongs if you are trying to be stealthy. 


  • Harder to clean. The fixed downstems are typically not removable in bubblers, so you cannot clean as easily.
  • Gets dirty easily. The water needs to be changed more often for bubblers than bongs and require more maintenance.
  • Hard to customize. While bongs are modifiable with separate accessories and bowls, bubblers do not have the capability.

Congrats! Now you know a little bit about bongs and bubblers - enough to hopefully steer you in one direction or the other. Depending on what you are looking for, either bongs or bubblers can be the better option for you. There are pros and cons to either smoking device, whether you are the more tolerant for stronger highs, care about ease of cleaning and maintenance, and have more budget bongs might be the better choice for you. Bubblers will provide the stealth, durability, smoother, tastier hits with a medium high for those looking for that experience. Definitely make sure you check out TokersHub Catalog for the best bongs and unique bubblers. Happy smoking!

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