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Can you eat weed? Yes, Start Eating Weed Raw

Can You Eat Weed? Yes, Heres Why You Should Start Eating Weed Raw

Welcome to the new year! Fresh new starts, goals, and game plans. While your motivation is in high gear, why not try out some new methods to live a healthier lifestyle? That’s generally a part of everyone’s new years’ resolutions, right? Believe it or not, there have been claims that consuming raw weed proves beneficial to the human body, even considered as the next new superfood - all of which we’ll discuss in further depth today.


Can You Get High From Eating Weed?

The first question many wonder is what happens if you eat weed and if it is safe to eat raw. Raw cannabis is not considered psychoactive, meaning it will not alter your perception, mood, or behavior and is okay to consume as part of your diet. And no, you will not get high from doing this. Many are unaware that raw weed is actually packed with tons of nutrients! Lighting up herb will activate the THC to enable you to get high from it, but in doing so will burn off a lot of its valuable medicinal benefits. Raw marijuana is unique to consume because it contains cannabinoid compounds, chemicals that provide the plant medicinal and recreational properties. Keep reading to find out more on this alternative way to consume your favorite bud-dy.

Why You Should Start Eating Raw Weed

  1. Raw Weed is Very Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber
    Say no more... Like most leafy greens, cannabis contains fiber and many people enjoy blending buds and raw herb into their smoothies. Eating High-fiber foods is ideal for maintaining proper digestion. Raw weed also contains many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin c, vitamin k, calcium, iron and falcate. However, what makes raw cannabis unique from vegetables is that it contains the cannabinoids acids to give us advantage of its medicinal benefits.

    leafy greens

  2. Plenty of Antioxidants and Neuroprotective Properties Found in Raw Cannabis
    Antioxidants are powerful substances that help boost your immune system, helps with heart, memory, and even improves mood. Antioxidants help defend against cell damage, which often leads to serious illnesses and other health problems.


  1. Raw Herb Offers Pain Relief
    The cannabinoid acids found in raw cannabis can provide the same effect as common over the counter pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Many patients with arthritis consume raw herb to help with pain management.

  2. Eating Raw Marijuana Provides Calming Sensations
    Plant resins have aroma molecules called terpenes. Some types of weed provide a lavender scent believed to provide a calming effect and helps to induce sleep. Consuming raw cannabis may help you relax more after having a stressful day without feeling the “high” sensation.

  3. You Can Consume More Raw Weed Without Negative Side Effects
    Usually consuming or smoking high doses of activated herb will produce negative effects such as paranoia, anxiety, nausea, headaches, and sleepiness. None of these side effects apply to eating raw cannabis. You can actually consume significantly higher doses with none of the psychoactive effects or side effects associated with smoking herb.


How to Add Raw Weed into Your Diet

It is important to note that raw weed can be slightly irritating on the digestive track if you don’t mix in some healthy fats with it such as avocado, hemp, or chia seeds to help your body digest properly. Only consume clean raw cannabis because it can otherwise contain pesticides or harmful microbes such as e. coli and salmonella. Simply soak your pure herb in cold water with apple cider vinegar for at least 5 minutes to kill off any harmful bacteria.


cannabis smoothie


The easiest way to incorporate raw marijuana into your diet would be to blend it into your favorite smoothies. Blending or juicing your cannabis will allow your body to maximize cannabinoid absorption into your body.



You can add raw herbs by grinding and sprinkling it into your salads, much like how you would use other herbs such as cilantro or parsley. It’s easy to add in these bad boys into your meal when the combinations of fresh produce for salads and smoothies are pretty much endless.



You can even add this nutrient-rich herb into your favorite dressings and sauces to boost your meal. Dressing and sauces can really enhance your sometimes bland meal. Many of our recognizable brand-name dressings or sauces are unfortunately loaded with fats, sugars, and sodium - defeating the purpose of our “healthy” meals. You can find plenty of tasty and healthy recipes for these condiments online!

cannabis sandwich

Cold Sandwiches

Sounds kind of weird, but cannabis and sandwiches actually make a great pairing. You can actually substitute the lettuce in your sammies with some chopped raw cannabis leaves. It is important to take raw herb’s distinct flavor into account when trying this out. Similar to arugula, raw cannabis also has a bitter taste to it along with some possible spiciness depending on the strain. Note that we said cold sandwiches. That means every ingredient in the sandwich is raw or served at a cold temperature. Adding heat to the sandwich recipe may activate the CBD in the cannabis so be aware.

This newfound superfood is sure to make an impact on your health when consumed in its natural form. With all of these benefits such as vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, it’s hard to believe you wouldn’t give this method a try especially if you are already a marijuana-loving individual. Even with these easy ideas listed above how to incorporate raw weed into your diet, there are plenty of other yummy recipes available on the internet waiting for you to give a try. The options are endless. When you're not busy tasting these new recipes, make sure you check out TokersHub for all the latest wholesale weed accessories and smoking tools you can dream of. Cheers to creative ways to having a healthier lifestyle in 2018!

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