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Cannabis Marketing Trends 2018

Cannabis Marketing Trends 2018

By now, we all know the cannabis industry has been a very unique industry as it makes its way to becoming federally legalized in the United States. Almost there! However, unlike other industries, the marketing strategies used for the herb industry come with roadblocks because of its complex regulations (advertising rules different in varying states). In fact, many advertising platforms restrict or prohibit marketing associating cannabis-related products entirely. As a cannabis business owner, you must be able to think outside the box and we’re here to help you with these promising online trends this fruitful year to provide leverage for your growing business.

mobile-friendly websites

1. Mobile-friendly Websites

Now more than ever our phones are the most used electronic device. People are on their phones much more often than their laptops and desktops - 15 hours a week on average. In fact, phones and tables account for 40% of all website traffic nowadays. This makes it crucial for your business brand to have a modern up-to-date website that is compliant with accessing from mobile devices. Google penalize your site and list it lower if you have content that is not accessible via mobile. Get on it! Or you will definitely suffer from huge potential traffic and profit.

multi-channel marketing

2. Multi-channel Marketing

Consumers today have become accustomed to the constant bombardment of  traditional ads popping up everywhere during their browsing experience; whether it is during online shopping or catching up on their social media feeds - it’s everywhere and getting less effective. As a cannabis entrepreneur, it is not beneficial for your business to advertise on only one platform. Marketing through multiple platforms such as content marketing, ecommerce, influencers, utilizing social media as a tool will help build your brand and increase your online presence, which will ultimately increase sales.

As the herb industry comes closer and closer to official legalization, the competition between dispensaries, wholesalers, doctors, and other related businesses will also rise. Constantly evaluate every channel you tap in to measure results. You will find data collection a quick and helpful tool to determine which your of your platforms are more successful and why. This helps you make the changes necessary and swiftly along with the ever-changing trends to help maximize success.

user experience

3. Websites that Emphasize User Experience (UX)

You can automatically increase your conversion rate by having easy-to-use websites. Organized and easy to navigate websites create a favorable and better online consumer experience overall. Easy-to-use websites not only make it intuitive for the average user but also encourages them to browse around your site for a longer duration than an unorganized page would. Remember, you aren’t the only site available to meet their needs and if your website makes it difficult for potential customers to browse or search, they’ll hop over to the next cannabis featured website on the list. The ease, convenience, and instant gratification of the internet makes patience for consumers thinner than ever. Stay on top of your game!

Remember folks, just because traffic doesn’t convert to sales does not necessarily mean a loss. Many online shoppers like to browse even when they don’t specifically need anything, much like window shopping. If your website is simple, easy to use, and provides all the information necessary, they may return to buy later or even refer colleagues and friends to your cannabis site.

As the old adage goes, don’t put all of your eggs in one basket, or this case, don’t put all of your marketing on one platform. Maximize your potential by taking advantage of the three marketing trends discussed today to expand your business. Ensure your cannabis network is designed to work with desktop and mobile use. Keep all contact information easily visible, products and information up to date on your website. The goal is to keep your audience engaged. As the cannabis industry evolves, so will the marketing trends. Stay up to date, do the research, and always be a few steps ahead! Good luck.

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