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Cannabis Packaging: How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

Cannabis Packaging: How to Keep Your Weed Fresh

The search for the best way to package cannabis to maintain freshness is the ultimate challenge for many serious smokers. Most people have used or still use the infamous plastic sandwich baggies to hold their weed, and we’ve struggled to find the best quality marijuana packaging out there to keep our precious supply from going stale. If you are interested in finding efficient storage to keep your weed fresh and potent, keep reading! We’ve done some research on the history of marijuana packaging along with a lot of experience to accumulate some useful tips.

Packaging history of weed

Beginning around the mid-to-late 1800s, well-known pharmaceutical companies would use airtight containers to package their cannabis to keep the air and sunlight out as well as protecting potency. By the early 1900s, apothecaries (known today as pharmacists) started to use ceramic jars instead to package their weed.

The science behind fresh weed packaging

To find the best marijuana packaging, it is important to understand what factors affect the chemistry of your weed, such as air temperature, light, and humidity. Being able to control these critical factors will yield longer-lasting, fresh weed to enjoy.


Air temperature

Store your cannabis in a storage space with room-temperature air to help preserve the THC in your weed. The psychoactive potency in your cannabis will start to lose its kick and turn into cannabinoid CBN if you leave it out in hotter temperatures. The potent smells and medicinal properties found in marijuana will also deplete, resulting in harsher, less therapeutic smoke sessions. If your packaged supply is left sitting in temperatures of 77 degrees and hotter, mildew and other forms of mold will likely build. Storing your weed in temperatures that are too cold will actually cause the trichomes to break off and destroy the potency and lifespan of your weed. Just don’t do it! It’s not worth losing your supply over.



The retention of your herb’s medicinal properties will greatly depend on the humidity levels of where you store your stash. Ample moisture in the air will cause an increased risk of mildew and mold growth. Not enough moisture will cause the trichome resin to dry out and deteriorate the THC, regardless if the air temperature is perfect or not. Optimal storing herb for consistent potency and flavor should have between 59-63% relative humidity levels. Many connoisseurs claim that the best humidity level for smoking weed is at a specific 62%, and 54% for vaping weed. Don’t take our word for it, we suggest playing around with the range to see what you find is your sweet spot!


The ultraviolet rays from the sun can also affect your stash by bleaching it and essentially burn or cook your weed. The light exposure is actually one of the biggest contributing factors in cutting the long-term stability of cannabinoids. Properly packaged marijuana stored in dark, room-temperature environments maintain their freshness and potency much longer than herb left out in the sun in various weather conditions.

How to store your weed
weed container

Since the early methods of tin cans and ceramic pots, weed-storing has without a doubt come a long way. Today, cannabis enthusiasts utilize airtight mason jars (various sizes available depending on the quantity of weed). Mason jars are found readily available for purchase individually or in cases at almost any local hardware or grocery store. These airtight glass containers are ideal for storing weed because they are considered impermeable to air, are unaffected by residual humidity or temperature fluctuations. Additionally, the glass material also keeps the cannabis terpenes and smell fresh. However, the ideal mason jars should be dark-tinted or opaque to help block light damage to your herb.

Tips to storage: keep weed fresh

  • If for some reason you are unable to get access to a glass jar with a lid, an airtight titanium jar would be the next best thing.
  • Make sure you package each individual strain separately to help protect their individual aromas and effects.
  • Extremely important to keep clear mason jars you may use for packaging weed in dark, dry, cool places like cupboards, drawers, and cabinets to keep away from prior sun damage.
  • Make sure you use the proper sized-jar for the amount of weed you are storing. Too much extra space allows more room for air, unwanted heat, humidity, and mildew or mold to be introduced.

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We hope that this blog helped you gain more insight on how to keep your bud fresh for as long as possible! If you want to keep your bud as potent and long-lasting as possible, follow the guidelines we’ve left you above and we’re positive you’ll notice the difference. We know it’s important to invest in quality cannabis as well as quality cannabis accessories to get the most out of your weed. We carry only top-notch wholesale smoke products at TokersHub, make sure you check out our new arrivals page to get the latest and greatest selection for your store. Happy smoking!

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