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Choosing Titanium Nails 101

Choosing Titanium Nails 101

Dabbing has made its way into the cannabis industry and it has definitely changed the game. Anyone who’s ever dabbed would agree that it’s an art and a science. Apply too little heat to your dab nail and it won’t combust. Apply too much heat to your nail and you’ve burned your supply and wasted product. It’s all trial and error to get the temperature just right depending on your dab material to get the ideal smoke experience. We admit, the wide variety of dab tools and accessories can be a bit much sometimes, especially when not all accessories are made equally to begin with. One essential dab tool is the titanium nail.

What is a Titanium Nail and How Does it Work?

A titanium nail is a tool used commonly for dabbing. Taking a “dab” refers to touching a small amount of concentrate against a heat element such as a titanium nail which will then cause the concentrate to vaporize. To break it down a little, there are actually three main types of dab nails to choose from: glass, ceramic, and titanium. Glass and ceramic nails tend to break easily, and are prone to structural cracking and shattering because they are unable to withstand too much heat. Titanium nails on the other hand, are considered the most durable nails on the market. These nails won’t crack under high temperatures or break so easily. Before you blindly make your first titanium nail purchase, here are some things to consider and be educated about.

Size and Shape

You can find most titanium nails available on the market to be domeless. However, there are also nails that are flat-top, bangers, and universal ones made of titanium. Universal nails are designed to be adjustable to fit most joints and genders in various sizes. For the other types of these nails, you will need to take note of the joint size and gender of your piece to double check that the nail is compatible. For instance, if your piece has a male joint, you will want to pair with a female nail. If you decide to go with the domeless nail, we suggest trying out our fun Thor-themed carb cap with your purchase to complete the experience with this fun enhancement. Carb caps allow you to use your product in its entirety before the nail cools completely. There are also complete dab starter kits providing all the tools necessary to enjoy the perfect dab, including a dab mat to save your session from getting ruined by burn accidents.


Titanium nail manufacturers get material certifications when purchasing for their products. Material certification forms are required to declare the amount of the elements present in the metal such as Iron, Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen to determine the product is safe and fit for its purpose. The forms also help decide if the titanium is medical-grade (grade 1-4) and can be used by marine and aerospace engineers. Anything above a grade 4 will contain unwanted metals. Grade 2 titanium is commonly used in the medical and food industry and for quality dab nails. Often times higher amounts of iron will be found in cheaper titanium nails for filler to save money. High-iron nails will usually turn colors of blue or green, corrode, have fumes that are toxic when ingested, and may have a metallic taste. You will definitely be able to tell the difference in taste using a cheap nail and a high quality one. We recommend using the often pricier grade 2 titanium for dabbing… less filler, more quality elements, equals a safer nail that has have little to no effect on taste for your dab. You will get what you pay for when it comes to a quality nail.

Ultimately, Wwhen it comes to a great titanium nail, the main factor to look for is the quality. Whether you go with a domeless, a banger, flat-top, or universal nail is pretty much based on preference. They all have unique characteristics of their own. All you have to do is make sure the joint is compatible with the nail (unless you go with a universal) and you’ll be good to go. The quality when choosing a nail, however, should not be ignored. It will absolutely make a difference in your overall dabbing experience in the taste, durability, and safety. For these type of nails, we would suggest you to avoid buying the cheapest titanium nail you can find and opting for a high-quality one from a trusted distributor. You’ll thank us later. For those looking to get started, check out complete dab starter kits providing all the tools necessary to enjoy the perfect dab, including the essential dab mat to save your session from getting ruined by burn accidents.

Happy dabbing!

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