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Cleaning Your Quartz Nail the Non-Toxic Way!

Cleaning Your Quartz Nail the Non-Toxic Way!

If you’ve invested good money in a quality quartz banger, you’ll want to do what you can to keep it as well maintained as possible. Previously, cleaning your quartz nail with a Q-Tip was the way to go. However, even swabbing with several Q-tips can still result in a visible thin layer of oil residue afterwards. Yes, you can choose to use some chemical cleaning solutions, but you’d probably want to go with a better way to clean your bangers instead. Learning more about improved ways to maintain your quartz banger will only help save you time and why not?

If you’re ready to toss out your old quartz banger and on the hunt for a trusty new one, check out our customer favorite 7” Pucks Rig with 4mm Quartz Banger. Follow the tips and suggestions below and you will be able to keep your go-to dab tool for a very long time.

q-tip technique

What’s the traditional way to clean your quartz nail?

Using the classic q-tip cleaning technique which involves swabbing your Q-tip inside your quartz nail will actually cause wear and tear of your quartz banger faster. Solely cleaning your nail with Q-Tips will often leave a thin layer of oil residue behind. The next time you dab and heat up the quartz, the oil will rise and cause a burned black mark where the oil was. In order to get rid of the mark, you will have to torch the crap out of it...and possibly end up staining your banger. If you continue the same maintenance technique, eventually the quartz will lose transparency and fog up and drain its heat retention capabilities, ultimately resulting in a much shorter lifespan for your piece.

formula 710

What’s the best way to clean a quartz nail?

Not to worry...there is a cleaning solution available to keep your banger freshly clean and looking brand new without the toxic chemicals. If you are trying to stretch the lifespan of your precious quartz nails, switch over to using this solution to clean out your banger. Formula 710, a cleaning product that is considered safe for most Pyrex, glass, metal, and ceramic products. Its earth-friendly,biodegradable, and may be the best solution for cleaning your quartz banger! This instant cleaner is able to clean and deodorize any built up residue in seconds and is considered non-toxic and safe to use. This product has also been patented as AbrasivAction cleaning technology, which eliminates the requirement of soaking and scrubbing making this cleaning thing a breeze.

What’s so bad about cleaning a quartz nail using cleaning solution?

Certain smoking devices (such as bongs) are made to handle strong cleaning solutions. A chemical cleaner may be able to clean your bong spotlessly, but will leave an expensive quartz banger with a strong chemically tainted taste for the next several dabs or permanently. In this case, we recommend tossing your banger altogether for your own safety.

How to expand the life of your quartz banger?

Besides cleaning your quartz with non-toxic solutions, you can practice using the proper technique to make your quartz last longer. Some people finish dabbing and quickly clean their quartz with an alcohol or Formula 710 cleaner. The solution will vaporize if the nail is still hot, sometimes leaving behind a white stain. The ideal non-toxic way to clean your quartz is actually using a Q-tip soaked in the glass cleaner when the nail is warm, not burning hot. If the nail is cooled down too much, the cotton from the Q-tip will stick to the oil and leave what looks like small white hairs. The next time you heat your banger, it will burn up the cotton.

A little TLC can really stretch the use of your beloved quartz banger much longer. Using a non-toxic natural glass cleaning solution when your nail is warm will leave your quartz clean, without the harsh chemical-taste; this is definitely much better for your safety. Practicing proper techniques and usage for your banger will ultimately save you money too by requiring less frequent replacements. Do this right, and you will avoid having to deal with burning oil, black or white marks while being able to enjoy fresh, clean, tasty smoke from dabbing. Good luck friends, and happy dabbing!

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