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Differences between Smoking and Eating Cannabis

Many cannabis lovers enjoy smoking the magical plant and experiencing the beautiful high it provides, and some prefer to ingest the magical plant instead. As marijuana becomes more widely accepted and inches closer to becoming officially legal, the interest for understanding and knowledge of the plant has been becoming increasingly popular, and with it, the various ways to partake in its experience. So what’s the difference between smoking weed and eating weed? Which cannabis high is more intense? No need to wonder any longer, we will break it down for you. There are differences in either method of using the herb that we’ll dive into some of them today.


THC Absorption

Your body actually absorbs THC differently, depending on which method you choose. Eating edibles are considered stronger than smoking or vaporizing cannabis. Why?  When you consume cannabis the THC passes through the liver, metabolizes, and is converted into a metabolite that easily intersects the blood-brain barrier. This makes your high much more intense as soon as your body metabolizes the edible.  

However, smoking herb experiences a different process. Inhaling the THC navigates directly to the brain, which makes you feel the high instantly and much faster than ingesting edibles. However, although the high may hit faster it will not last as long as an edible.

Strength and Duration

Because it takes a while for your body to metabolize cannabis-infused food to feel the effects, it is highly recommended to be patient and start off in small portions of the edible. The wait time for edibles to kick in may vary depending on strength, cannabis type, and what food it is combined with. It generally takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to 2 hours for the effects to kick in and afterwards may last many hours. Consuming larger portions typically yield pretty intense highs, while smaller portions will create more mild and comfortable experiences. However, individual tolerance plays a major role where a low dose may be enough for a beginner while experienced users may require a larger dose to enjoy the same effects.

Dosage Control

Determining the THC dosage in edibles is nearly impossible for homemade or commercially made products. It is easy for consumers to overestimate the right dosage due to the delayed effects when eating cannabis-infused goods. Smoking or inhaling cannabis allows the consumer to control the dosage with its instantaneous effects and gradually smoke to reach desired high.

Which is Healthier?

A lot of people prefer eating herb-infused snacks versus smoking it because it is much less harsh on the lungs and you avoid inhaling toxic carcinogens. Although, vaporizing herb is also considered a healthier alternative for those who like to inhale it. On the other hand, unless you're watching your calories or have food allergies, edibles have been a great alternative for people seeking chronic pain relief with longer lasting effects and less toxic repercussions.


While some people enjoy the process of packing, lighting & smoking up marijuana, or socially enjoy the puff & pass of a good bubbler, one can’t deny the tantalizing treats that edibles provides. There are so many fun ways to prep and eat it. You are no longer limited to the typical weed brownies for making at home, there are plenty of creative and tasty edible recipes you can find online to consume cooked or raw weed. Check out our recent blog on Why You Should Start Eating Raw Cannabis for some yummy ideas! Who knows, it may inspire you to conjure up your own creations to try out. The options are deliciously endless.


Depending on the experience you are looking for, your choice for choosing between smoking or eating cannabis may vary. There are good reasons for both. If you are looking for a quick-hitting high that doesn’t last as long and gives you more control over its level of intensity, than smoking or vaping is the best bet. If you prefer a tasty steady creeper that may last for hours without the carcinogens or harsh hit on the lungs, weed-infused treats may be the better alternative for you.

Eating and smoking the substance will result in differing experiences because of the way the body metabolizes each method. While there may be differences between the two, the one similarity between them is that either way you're gonna have a happy time. See for yourself which one you prefer by trying both! Just remember to start off in small bowls or portions and work from there. As always, make sure you hit up TokersHub for all of your smoking needs. Happy smoking (or eating)!

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