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Does Caffeine Affect Your High?

Does Caffeine Affect Your High?

If you have ever wondered how caffeine may affect your high, you’ve come to the right place and are definitely not alone! It shouldn’t be much of a surprise, since marijuana and caffeine are America’s two favorite drugs. Many other cannabis users are also concerned about mixing a stimulant such as coffee with marijuana (a depressant). What exactly happens when you combine two opposite substances? Is smoking weed and drinking coffee safe? There has been some interesting findings on how weed and coffee interact with one another. Let’s take a closer look on what we were able to find, shall we?

caffeine affects on the brain

Caffeine effects on the brain

Did you know caffeine is the most used drug for improved alertness in the world? Millions of people are consuming some form of caffeine on a daily basis, especially during mornings and afternoon pick-me-ups. However, did you know that caffeine doesn’t actually provide more energy? Instead, caffeine actually works to stop your brain from receiving adenosine receptors that signals sleepiness. That’s how you power through your day! Does a caffeine buzz affect your weed buzz though? Apparently there is some science that may point towards signs of enhancing a weed high with caffeine and may also increase chances of getting addicted to weed.

Cannabis effects on the brain

Cannabis, on the other hand, is comprised of several chemical compounds that can offer a variety of medicinal uses. When cannabis is consumed, THC (a cannabinoid) becomes psychoactive and interrupts the brain’s typical neural process. Your senses may become noticeably enhanced, encouraging feelings of euphoria and enhanced creativity.

squirrel monkey study

Findings on Caffeine + Cannabis Study

According to a study conducted by the National Institutes of Health in 2011, squirrel monkeys were used to document the effects of caffeine and cannabis used together. During this experiment, the squirrel monkeys were given access to a hit of THC through pulling a lever, and also a powerful form of caffeine dispensed from another lever. As the experiment progressed, researchers noticed the more the monkeys pulled the lever for caffeine hits, the less they pulled the lever for THC. After much observation, the researchers were able to conclude that higher amounts of caffeine intake required less consumption of THC to enjoy its effects. Researchers also noticed when the monkeys consumed high amounts of caffeine and THC, they were prone to experience addictive symptoms.

Although this study has limited data and has not been performed with humans, it may be possible for humans to also experience the same outcomes as the squirrel monkeys.


Caffeine Leading to Weed Addiction?

Some studies are providing insight that caffeine may potentially increase the addictive effects of cannabis. However, marijuana addiction is not very common, but is possible to happen to roughly around 9% of frequent smokers. Just be aware of monitoring your caffeine and marijuana intake - too much of either consistently may trigger a cannabis addiction later down the road.


As of now, the study done on squirrel monkeys have given the most findings on the effects of caffeine and cannabis. Currently, it seems that interacting cannabis and caffeine does not improve your high, but it can extend the experience by prolonging it. When you consume cannabis and caffeine together, the caffeine will actually change the effect that weed has on the brain, extending the high from the psychoactive THC. Consuming both of these beautiful drugs can be a great experience since they both trigger the brain’s reward centers.

So, just because caffeine won’t necessarily enhance your high, you can still expect your high to ride out a lot longer with a nice cup of joe to compliment it. The combination should not result in any addiction problems, if you don’t have a routine of high amounts of either. Happy smoking!


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