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How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

How Long Does Vape Juice Last?

Have you ever looked at an old bottle of vape juice lying around your room and wonder how long this thing lasts, anyway? How do we know if vape juice goes bad? Is it harmful to use bad vape juice? Do vape juices have expiration dates? You should be able to find the manufactured expiration date on every vape juice bottle on the bottom or the label. As we learn more and more about vaping as people enjoy the tasty seemingly healthier cigarette alternative, it is important to understand more about e-liquids, one of the main components of vaping. Let’s wrap our heads around e-juices a little more to know exactly what we’re smoking, shall we?

Vape juice, also known as e-juice and e-liquid, is used in a vaporizer to generate smoke (vapor) when heated. Juice typically contains:

Cannabis Oil (THC or BCD)
Chemical extract found in cannabis plants or tobacco leaves.

Propylene glycol (PG)
PG is a main ingredient in e-juice that is odorless, colorless, clear, and has no taste. It can be considered a food or medicine additive.

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

Vegetable glycerin is very similar to PG as a food and cosmetic additive. However, VG is available in a variety of different flavors and quantities.



How Long does Vape Juice Typically Last?

After buying a bottle of cannabis e-juice, you can estimate it to last up to 2 years depending on quality and how much you vape. Take for instance, with average consumption, a 10ml bottle should last about 4 days to a week. People often vape about 2-3ml worth of cannabis e-liquid a day.

What Happens to Expired Juice?

  • Flavor, taste, and scent fades
  • Color of e-juice may change
  • Nicotine/THC content fades

What is the Shelf Life of Vape Juice?

How long your vape juice lasts will depend on a variety of factors, including it was made, when it was produced, and the ingredients used in it. Propylene glycol lasts for about 2 years, while Vegetable Glycerin lasts about double PG’s length of time, a good 4-6 years. The quality of ingredients in the vape juice is very important of course, so it’s good to get information on quality and safety instructions to better determine a more accurate shelf life. Generally, if the vape juice bottle is sealed and stored properly, the juice will last a long time, up to about 2 years after production date.

How Long does CBD or THC Vape Juice Stay in Your System?

The length of time CBD or THC juice will stay in your system depends on how much of it was smoked but there is currently no official biomarker to measure the length of time cannabis juice will linger in your body. However, there are certain factors that will affect how long the CBD juice will stay in your system, such as age, your diet, and even your genetics.

Commonly used to test for marijuana use - saliva drug tests, are able to detect THC within 8-12 hours after consumption. A urine drug test may be able to detect THC traces in your body 30-45 after consumption and a blood test can detect up to 75 days after your last session. It is hard to provide a hard number because everyone processes substances differently, as well as rid them from our systems.

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juice in your tank

How Long Should You Leave Juice in Your Vaporizer Tank?

The vape juice goes in the reservoir of a vape, commonly a pod, tank, or cartridge. How long can your e-juice last in a tank? Again, it depends on the type of juice, the tank, and how it is used and stored. If you are on the hunt for a good concentrates vape, make sure you check out our Yocan Evolve Plus. Trust, you’ll fall in love just like we did. A great tip to make sure you go through all of your old juice sitting in the tank is to switch up juice flavors often. The type of juice that is used in your tank will also determine longevity. Beware, there are types of juices that may cause cracks in your tank, increasing chances of your vape requiring repair. Flavors of the vape juice may be affected as well resulting from being in your tank for too long.

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How to Store Vape Juice Properly

For optimal shelf life, store your vape juice in a dark, cool and dry area. Many juice bottles already come tinted to help preserve your juices longer by shielding the product from light and heat from getting into your juice. Vape juices sold in plastic bottles are meant to be consumed immediately. Even transferring the juice from its original plastic bottles to glass bottles will reduce its lifespan. Light and air will also break down the ingredients. Air will react with CBD oil to create cotinine, which loses THC content in your juice. What does this mean for you? Less potent vape keep those e-juices sealed in dark containers in a dry place for maximum potency!

There is no universal answer to how long your vape juice will last, but there are many factors that will affect it including the type of ingredients used in your juice, what type of juice, how and where you store your juice, etc. Try to follow the manufactured expiration date listed on the vape juice bottle before storing it because consuming spoiled e-juice may not be ideal, like consuming spoiled food - we don’t recommend it. Happy Smoking!

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