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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or new to cannabis and curious, it’s good to know the effects and how long weed will stay in your system. Perhaps you enjoy smoking or eating cannabis products and you have a job interview approaching and don’t want to hurt your chances in case of a possible required drug screening… we’re covering all of that today, with different parts of your body absorbing and filtering out the cannabis differently so keep reading and take some notes so you can be prepared!

blood drug test

THC in the Bloodstream

In order for active cannabinoids such as THC to take effect, it must enter into your bloodstream. Smoking cannabis will activate the herb from your lungs, and ingesting it activates it through the stomach.The potent active cannabinoids travel in your blood to your brain to release the euphoric, high sensations. Ingesting cannabis will take a little longer for the weed to process through your system, but generally your body processes the psychoactive compounds from your blood fairly quickly whether you have smoked it or ate it.

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This is a reason companies looking to hire require blood tests after car or workplace accidents since it would detect a person who was most likely high while the sample was being taken. Typically, a single use of THC will linger in your blood for 1-2 days after use. Smoking regularly or multiple times in a day will take longer to filter out your blood. If you do smoke regularly or often, it may take up to a week for your blood to clear out all traces of weed after your last session.

THC in Saliva

Psychoactive THC will coat the inside of your mouth, which is absorbed by your saliva after smoking, good to note if you are planning to take a mouth swab test. Ingesting edibles will cause less exposure to your saliva, however, you are still chewing cooked decarbed cannabis. In order to purge your saliva of traces of marijuana, drink plenty of water, brush your teeth, mouthwash, and consume fatty foods to help you speed up the process. THC is considered fat-soluble and will bond to the fatty foods inside your mouth as you chew,  removing THC or other active cannabinoids from your saliva quicker. After your last session, you can expect THC traces to stay in your saliva for 1-2 days, but if you are an avid smoker or smoke strong weed, it may also take up to a week.

THC in Urine

Since THC bonds to the fatty tissues in your body, it will take longer for your body to expel the inactive byproducts of the substance. The weed doesn’t stay in your urine, but the inactive THC does. Don’t worry, you do not experience any high sensations with the inactive THC in your system. Depending on how often you smoke will significantly determine how long the cannabis stays in your urine. Other determining factors of THC traces in your urine include your how fast your metabolism is, how much water you drink to clean out your system, and your body mass index. Generally, if you only smoked once, expect the urine drug test to pass if taken after 5-8 days. If you smoke regularly, say 2-4 times weekly, expect 11-18 days without smoking to pass the urine test. If you just can’t keep your hands off the herb on a daily basis, it’d be best for you to go cold turkey for 50-77 days without smoking in order to pass a urine test.

hair follicle test

THC in Hair Follicles

If you are going to take a hair drug test, bad news fellow weed users… Evidence of cannabis use will stay in your hair follicles longer than any other part of your body. Hair samples may expose your weed consumption history up to years before. However, common testing procedures generally check for cannabis consumption within the last 90 days. Hair follicle tests typically require a hair sample taken from the root to 1.5in of hair to test, and the rest of the hair is disregarded. For humans, on average, head hair grows at a rate of about half an inch per month. Do the math, 1.5 inches of hair will read about 3 months-worth of cannabis history. If a hair sample up to a foot long is taken, you can reveal THC use back a whopping 2 years. That’s pretty crazy!

Keep in mind, a once-in-a-while social user or a first time user can take a deep breath because a follicle test will likely pass for you. Hair testing is typically used to detect chronic weed consumption.


Tips to Rid Weed from Your System Faster

If you just can’t afford the suggested time to clean out your system of THC traces, there are still ways to help you pass your drug test. Give these tips below a try, but keep in mind nothing is guaranteed! Everyone is unique and rids the substance from their systems differently.

  • Within a Week - If you’ve got at least a week before your drug test, try to cleanse using a detox program to help speed up the natural process to rid of any lingering traces. A lot of these programs include at-home tests to verify clean results.
  • Same Day - If you can’t afford the suggested time-frame of allowing your body to rid itself of THC, you can consume certain detox drinks to flush your system, allowing a clean test result if taken within a window of 4-6 hours.

  • As you can see with the examples above, our bodies naturally absorb and process active and inactive THC compounds. Our bodies will filter out the weed traces depending how often we smoke and ingest. Hopefully, depending on which drug test you are prepping for allows enough time for your body to process through the weed from your system. Typically, expect THC evidence in your system for blood, saliva, and urine for a couple days up to a week to dispose of the substance. Your hair, however, will keep a pretty long track record of cannabis use dating back years. Be prepared and allow enough time to pass from your last session to ensure a passed drug test! Good luck!

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