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How to Choose the Right Oil Vaporizer for You

How to Choose the Right Oil Vaporizer for You

As more and more studies are conducted to confirm vaporizing is a healthier alternative to smoking, more and more smokers are putting down the cigarettes and switching to vapes. A detailed 2015 report on electronic cigarettes by Public Health England claimed use of electronic cigarettes are far less dangerous and approximately “95% safer than smoking.” Oil vaporizers have also gained a lot of popularity in the vaping industry as a healthier way to enjoy herb. Whether a consumer chooses to vaporize essential oils, food oils, or other types of medical-grade concentrates, oil vaporizers will heat the oils to produce a nice flavorful vapor to inhale. Most oil vaporizers operate in the same manner, but there are some different types to learn about before deciding which one works best for you. Read on as we help you decide what vape to buy.



Ahh..the OG of vapes. Seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) were first created and designed to resemble exactly the feel, look, and taste of a regular cigarette to trick the user’s mind into thinking they were smoking the real deal. The e-cigs also allow easy concealment. However, the small and narrow framework causes several limitations. One major limitation is the battery life which frequently required recharging. This is a huge inconvenience for anyone always on the go or did not always have an outlet readily available. Another limitation of e-cigs are their substance capacities. E-cigs are designed to coincide specifically with cartridges containing certain additives such as propylene glycol or thicker wax. Many of these prototypes for vaporizers are unable to handle other types of substances.

Portable Oil Vaporizers

Compared to e-cigarettes, portable vaporizers are larger in size to support a longer battery life and are able to handle a larger variety of substances. Portable vaporizers also allow the ability to regulate different temperature settings. This type of vaporizer has a selection to choose from, some are able to vaporize thin and waxy oils, while others can vaporize oils and dry cannabis. Our Yocan Evolve Plus Gold Concentrates Vaporizer has an incredible long-lasting 1100MAh battery with extra quartz dual coil, built-in silicone jar, concentrate tool and handy USB charger. The chambers found on a portable vaporizer are very user-friendly, and are easy to pull apart to clean and fill. If you are looking for a versatile product that is travel-friendly and easily discreet, this may be the winner for you.

Desktop Oil Vaporizers

Believe it or not, desktop vaporizers were the first type of electronic vaporizer making its debut in the 90s. A desktop vaporizer requires being plugged to a power outlet and set on a sturdy table for use. With this bad boy, you are limited to vaping dry herbs. You can use an herb grinder to cut it up into small, even particles and pack it into a convection oven heating chamber. Most users can agree that desktop vaporizers provide much more vapor than portable vaporizers or e-cigarettes. There are two types of desktop vaporizers to choose from: whip-style  using a medical-grade tubing to inhale the vapor, or the more advanced forced air style which uses a fan to shoot hot air over your dry herbs and fills vapor into the balloon bag or whip. This may be the go-to when you are at home, or a friend’s house or gathering where there are outlets available and you plan to hang out for a while. Unfortunately, desktop vaporizers are not easily transportable or easy to conceal.

So Which Vaporizer To Buy?

Well, now that you’ve gained a little more knowledge on some of the different types of oil vaporizers, it is up to you to make that choice. Depending on your needs and preferences, any of the three types of vaporizers can be ideal for you. If you are looking for stealth, portability, and certain substances your vaporizer can handle, an e-cigarette or portable oil vaporizer might be the way to go. If you plan on having a chill night with some buddies or handing out at home, maybe a desktop vaporizer is your best bet. Either way, you’ve got a ton of choices to consider and honestly, we think they’re all winners with their own set of benefits. With that, we leave you with some helpful tips for your journey into vaporizers.

helpful oil vaporizer tips

Helpful Vaping Tips

Before smoking with any vaporizer, start out with a small amount of product and adjust as needed! Some will learn the hard way depending on their tolerance as certain vaporizers have a stronger effect than other smoking methods, so be conservative! Also be sure to check your temperature settings beforehand and research the optimal temperatures for the type of product before using. The last thing you want to do is burn your oils or dry herb, wasting away your precious supply! A little experimenting won’t hurt to get the perfect temperature, but a good rule of thumb is to start low and work your way up. Even routine maintenance after each session is not enough because the coils eventually degrade and start to taste a little funky. Just change the coils after every few sessions to ensure fresh tasting vapor for your enjoyment. Good luck and happy smoking!

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