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How to Fix Problems with Your Vape

How to Fix Problems with Your Vape

There’s nothing quite as disappointing as looking forward to a nice break from your hectic schedule and start a quick vape session then discover that your vape isn’t working properly. No, not all vape problems are solvable without thorough knowledge of a vaporizer’s inner workings. However, there are many common issues that may arise with your device and knowing how to fix them will get you back to blowing those beautiful thick clouds in no time.

We’ve put together a convenient troubleshooting cheat sheet to help you diagnose what is going on with your vaporizer. Let’s go down the list of the most typical vape issues and how to fix them.



Leaking Vape

Several issues can cause leaks. The most common culprits of leaks involve assembling your vape parts incorrectly or overfilling your tank with e-juice (flavored propylene or glycerin fluid with or without nicotine used to create vapor). A good rule of thumb is to check these two potential causes first. Another common reason vapes leak is due to a cracked tank. In this case, the only real solution is to replace your tank with a new one. Good thing vape accessories today are super easy and convenient to shop for with availability in plenty of stores and online with quick shipping.

To begin your troubleshooting with diagnosing the cause of leakage from your vaporizer, first figure out where the leak is coming from to determine the next steps to fix it:

  • Is everything screwed on properly? If it isn’t, you have probably found yourself with e-juice all over the place. Fortunately, this is considered the simplest of issues and has a quick, easy fix. Simply take the time to put together the vape parts correctly and you should be ready to get back to your scheduled enjoyment.
  • Does the tank have visible cracks? Today’s tanks typically use Pyrex or glass as the reservoir for the juice, with its own pros and cons. A disadvantage of having a glass reservoir is its inclination for breaking and/or cracking. Inspect your tank thoroughly and carefully, especially examining the end caps closely to detect for any tiny hairline fractures. Sometimes even the smallest cracks require replacement to solve leak issues.
  • Are the seals arranged correctly and in favorable condition? Cracked, misplaced, or missing seals are one of the most common causes of leaky vapes. Your vape contains a number of various seals. Examine these seals to find any signs of damage or looseness. These seals are cheap to fix and can solve your leaking problem.

Vape doesn't hit hard enough

The reason you get a great hit is because of the Propylene glycol (PG) element in your juice. PG is used as the flavoring element in the juice. If you are not getting those oh-so-satisfying deep hits from your vape, you may need to add more PG to your e-juice. Using juices with citrus or menthol flavor notes can help improve your vape hits. The higher the PG level in your juice, the more intense the throat hit. Juices with more nicotine can also provide the same hard-hitting sensation you’re looking for. If you don’t believe the juice is in question, you might want to consider upgrading your vaping device to enable better ways to customize your smoke experience. Increasing the temperature, power, or decreasing the airflow will allow you to adjust and produce the amount of throat hit that is perfect for you.


vape smoke

Vape not producing enough vapor

If your vaporizer is not producing enough smoke, you may need juice with higher levels of Vegetable Glycerin (VG). As opposed to PG, VG has less flavor intensity and throat hit but has higher viscosity and vapor density. Increasing VG content in your liquid will give you those nice, thick clouds you’re looking for. There some technical problems that may cause less vapor production. Low battery is an obvious and common cause of low cloud production. Most vaping devices come equipped with a battery light indicators to alert you when your battery is running low and needs to recharge. If you notice a sudden drastic drop in vapor production, try to recharge your device and see if that helps the issue. This is also a good time to check to see if your vaping battery charger is working. Is everything connected correctly? If you have double-checked everything is plugged in and is still not producing a charge, it may be time to replace the battery charger.

If that isn’t the case, check to see if the atomizer coil is dry and whether the atomizer is flooded or not. Lastly, check to see if the connection between the atomizer and battery seems to be functioning right. If you find some dust or grime built up, clean it off your vape.


Vape not producing enough flavor

The number of juice flavors available to choose from range in the hundreds of thousands to satisfy the taste buds of even the pickiest and demanding users. If you believe your vape is the issue and not the juice itself, try blowing on your cartomizer. This may help get the juice flowing correctly in your vape and explain the problem.

burnt taste

Burnt Taste

Experiencing a burnt taste when vaping may occur if you vape immediately after filling your tank. Not to worry! This is a common thing. Just let the wick soak in for a little while before your next hit and see how it works for you. This should eliminate the burnt taste for you and allow the refreshing juice flavors to fill your taste buds once again.


Too much juice ends up in your mouth

This is a common problem for beginner vapers who are being introduced to vaping devices. Taking in too strong of a draw may pull the juice through your mouthpiece. Try slowing down your pace, with a nice, slower and steadier draw to keep the juice in the vape instead of into your mouth.



If your vaporizer is experiencing one of the common problems discussed above, try fixing it by following the recommended solutions we have provided. If it was simple enough to fix yourself, great! Start vaping away. If your problem still persists, or your problem isn’t listed above, feel free to take your vape into a vape shop or contact your manufacturer for further assistance. Either way, we hope you find the best solution to quickly get back to blowing the tastiest, thickest, potent clouds. Good luck, and happy vaping!

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