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How to Increase Sales at a Smoke Shop

How to Increase Sales at a Smoke Shop

Dim, cloudy, incense-filled smoke shops with dreadlock cashiers are quickly starting to become a thing of the past, as the cannabis industry has exponentially grown in the last few years. The vape and smoke shops today are much more sleek, sophisticated and professional. Upon doing some research, we have found some useful tips to increase store sales for the modern day smoke shop.

Avoid cluttering your shop. Clutter is overwhelming, and that is the last thing you would want for your customer to see. Arrange the items in your store neatly in order and have all merchandise easy to find and in reach. Keep the majority of your inventory in the back and showcase main displays. Keep signs and prices in clear, easy-to-read places. Keep the showroom floor nice and tidy at all times.

Provide excellent customer service. Unfortunately, many people find bad experiences more memorable than good ones and are more likely to share bad experiences with others. That makes the customer experience crucial in returning customers. Hire and ensure properly trained and knowledgeable employees who prioritize customer satisfaction and professionalism. It’s time to break the stoner employee stereotype and set a new standard. Have your staff available on the floor, especially during busier times to help educate customers. Provide instructional materials at the counter along with business cards and brochures to encourage future sales.

Offer in-store product demonstrations. Using bongs, pipes, vapes, etc. can be very intimidating, especially for the inexperienced buyer. Having product demonstrations at your stores not only helps people see how to use your products in person but allows further questions to be answered then and there. It also serves as a great promotion for featuring new products at the store. It is helpful to provide business cards with on-call assistance. This will help reassure hesitant customers to take the leap and make the purchase they’ve been eyeing.

Offer personal shoppers for frequent buyers. Remember returning customers by name and style. This allows a relationship to build between the buyer and seller as profile is created and suited for their specific taste. Understanding different preferences will help you determine certain trends and what items to keep stocked. This will give your store the opportunity to offer suggestions without seeming too overbearing. Personal consultation can and will lead to long-term customers.

Create a reward point system. There are many ways to utilize this to your advantage; whether it is earning enough points to receive something free or to get a discount on your purchase, the options are endless. This not only gives you clients and incentive to come back and spend more, but makes them feel vested in your store. The more your consumers spend, the closer they are to getting a reward

Offer text notifications. For those interested in signing up, gather a list of client phone numbers to text promotional offers, deals, discounts, and notify of featured hot items. This is a great way to retain buyers and reach out to them directly. Sometimes an alert can remind them they needed to come into your store for something else.As long as you’ve got them considering your store, it's a step in the right direction.

Finding ways to improve sales at your store is endless. Remember, smoke shops are no longer the way they were - musty, cluttered, located in the shoddy parts of town. The goal is to break the outdated stereotype of sketchy, hazy smoke shops into a modern and sophisticated atmosphere where your customers feel welcome to stay. Hire and educate employees who prioritize superb customer service. Offer on-call support, in-store demonstrations, reward systems, and direct text messages. These effective tips should keep loyal shoppers coming back.

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