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Nectar Collectors 101

With so many new trendy ways to smoke cannabis concentrates, it’s a little hard to keep up! However, if you are looking to take your smoking experience to a higher level, you might want to consider this unique vertical-vaporizing style of dabbing with nectar collectors. Nectar collectors have only been around for a few years now, but contain some very special characteristics that make them a little different from dab rigs and oil rigs. Nectar collectors are portable but are not considered hand pipes, they vaporize but aren’t vaporizers, and can use water but are not exactly bubblers or water pipes. This versatile tool is gaining a lot of popularity in the stoner community because of their ease of use and various styles, and in this article we’ll dive into more of why.


Similar to most glass pipes, nectar collectors are composed of a neck, body, and tip which can be made of glass or quartz (mineral created from silicon and oxygen). The neck is where you can inhale the vapors from and are typically detachable to connect to a joint using keck clips to hold them together. “Dry” nectar collectors (also known as wands), tend to have a straight body for the smoke to travel through and does not require a chamber or water to use at all. “Wet” nectar collectors contain a body as well as a chamber that require water to be filled. Generally, it’s definitely a good tip to remember to detach the neck from the joint before filling the chamber up with water to avoid water getting trapped in the joint when using a wet collector. Dry collectors are typically more convenient because they don’t require water and don’t need to stay in a vertical position to avoid water spillage.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

It may appear intimidating to some, but it’s actually a lot easier to use than one may think. To get your nectar collector going, you will only need a torch and a oil container or dab mat as long as it is heat-resistant. If you have a wet collector, fill the chamber with water a little less than halfway. If it’s a dry collector, skip to next step. Next, you will want to heat your tip with a torch until it reaches a scorching red hot. Set your concentrate on your heat-resistant surface and press the tip of the pipe lightly against the concentrate and inhale from the mouthpiece! You can even submerge the tip into the concentrate if you wish.’s that easy. Instead of using a nail attached to the piece for a bong, nectar collectors utilize heating the tip of the pipe to vaporize the concentrates. This creates the perfect smoking experience packed with strong, tasty flavor you can keep ripping from the pipe as desired until the tip needs to be reheated again.

nectar collector kit


The patented design of a nectar collector offers a ton of benefits. This unique dabbing experience provides portability for those always on the go. Collectors come in a variety of sizes, and there are many small collectors available for traveling with detachable pieces to make them easy to clean and even more compact to be a perfect fit in your pocket. These bad boys are only made of three components to worry about losing. Collectors are also often made of sturdy glass, built for durability to allow some peace of mind for the clumsy users. The process of using a collector only requires two simple steps to follow to enjoy. Many nectar collectors come in a handy kit that includes everything you need in a convenient carrying case.This method of smoking is a complete game-changer overall because it provides a cleaner, tastier smoke you can control because you vaporize instead of burning the concentrate. They are also very cost-efficient since it requires the slightest amount of concentrate to get you going.

Nectar collectors never fail to impress, even for the veteran smoker. The hit you get is very similar with the same lung expansion you would expect from an oil rig. These things definitely pack a punch that will surprise anyone that tries it. Nectar collectors are not only easy to use, portable, cost-efficient, and durable they offer the cleanest and tastiest hits you can ask for. If you are looking for an innovative new way to dab, give this multifaceted beauty a go. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Happy Dabbing!

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