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5 Tips to Overcome Challenges in Cannabis Marketing

Effectively marketing your cannabis brand with restrictive guidelines along with making sure you are cooperative with federal and state laws can be challenging. On top of that, cannabis companies are...

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5 Crucial Things All Budtenders Should Know

When it comes to the marijuana industry, a lot of the tricks of the trade come with experience. However, there are some elements a new budtender getting their feet wet...

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5 Tips to Upsell Your Customer at a Cannabis Dispensary

Learning the art of effective upselling at a cannabis dispensary means to understand what exactly the customer is looking for. When you focus on your customer’s experience and needs, upselling...

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8 Useful Advertising Tips to Market in the Cannabis Industry

Being in the cannabis industry is definitely anything but dull. This ever-growing industry is considered very unique to most other industries as it becomes more widely accepted and legalized in...

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Cannabis Marketing Trends 2018

By now, we all know the cannabis industry has been a very unique industry as it makes its way to becoming federally legalized in the United States. Almost there! However,...

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