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To Carb Cap or Not to Carb Cap

To Carb Cap or Not to Carb Cap

As the art of dabbing continues to evolve, new methods have been introduced to the smoking industry each time with better and more efficient techniques. The early methods of dabbing involving removal of the slightly stuck and oily dome just to heat the nail and re-insert back into dab rig order to dab is considered inconvenient, and requires extra unnecessary steps in the process. This encouraged the invention of domeless nails to eliminate the extra hassle. Through a lot of trial and error, the dabbing technique became more and more refined.

What is a Carb Cap?

...And then there came the carb cap. Carb caps act as a carburetor for your rig by restricting the amount of airflow to the nail to allow collecting the last bits of concentrate to punctuate at the end of the hit. Capping the nail helps restrict the airflow to the rig through the small contact area in the middle of the carb cap and the nail’s edge. The reduced airflow puts the whole rig under low pressure as well as the oil concentrate pooled on the nail without vaporizing while strongly inhaling. Low pressure means lower boiling temperature for the concentrate, allowing thicker and better tasting smoke. This technique grants the ability to finish off the dab and prevents wasting it in a thick puddle. Carb caps are a great tool for dabbing. If you haven’t gotten your hands on one of these, you are definitely missing out. Many smokers can vouch carb caps have completely changed the smoking experience. Let’s take a more in-depth look of the benefits to the latest dab technique to see why.


Benefits of Using Carb Caps

No smoke loss

This may arguably be the best benefit of carb caps alone. Carb caps allow saving leftover smoke from escaping your nail. As you begin to finish taking a dab and the nail begins to cool down, some of your concentrate may vaporize off the nail instead of into the rig. The carb cap essentially seals off the nail’s surroundings to keep the vapor contained if some of the concentrate takes longer to burn.


Easier, cooler dabs

Because the concentrate doesn’t have to be taken all in one hit and no smoke is wasted, you are able to dab at significantly cooler temperatures without worry. Simply place the concentrate on the nail, cover it with your carb cap, and take your time dabbing. The seal carb caps create allow you the benefit of not having to rush to finish off your concentrate without wasting product due to lower lung capacity or the inability to clear the smoke fast enough. Heating your concentrate at lower temperatures is also less harsh on the lungs, which usually minimizes coughing.

thor hammer carb cap dabber


Better taste

Carb caps will enhance the flavor quality of your oil concentrate a lot more than other dabbing techniques. More terpenes are preserved and released using this method, which creates a much better experience on taste. Our unique Thor Hammer Carb Cap made of ceramic/steel promises great flavor in every hit.


How to use a Carb Cap

Want to maximize the dabbing experience with a carp cap? Here’s how they work:

  1. Allow the nail to cool off a little to a slightly lower temperature than normal.

  2. Place your dab on the nail and observe it slowly, melt and bubble without producing smoke and then use your carb cap to cover the nail. This helps create a slight vacuum which causes the concentrate to vaporize into dense smoke even on a lower temperature nail.

  3. What happens next? Magic. Lower temperature plus dropping the pressure as you cap results in a more direct high with more potent flavor. If you choose the high-temp approach by scorching the nail and letting it cool, you get more of a muddled effect.


We understand that flavor and terpenes affect the potency and overall experience of your high. Many consider carb caps a must-have accessory. This latest dabbing method using carb caps should have an outcome of a purer, direct high without the acrid, burnt taste of high-temperature dabbing. Don’t hesitate to try it out! You’ll be glad you did. For all other wholesale smoking accessories and supplies, make sure you check out TokersHub. We’ve got the goods. Happy smoking!

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