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Top 3 Sativa Strains 2018

Top 3 Sativa Strains 2018

New sativa strains are constantly introduced to the cannabis industry every year, with unique and interesting characteristics in practically every seed back available. The newer sativa strains are being created with the best genetic quality to offer the perfect high. Sativa lovers are always eager to try the newest strain line-up which never fails to impress. To help you narrow down the sativa strains you want to try, we did the hard work for you and did our research to put together a list of our top 3 favorite strains to give a go. Let’s get into it!

What are Sativa Strains?

Before we jump right into the top strains we recommend you try at least once, let’s get to know sativa strains a little more. A “strain” is a version of a cannabis plant, scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa L. There are three types of strains available -  sativa, indica, and hybrid. Sativa cannabis strains are well-known for their high yields, large size and amazing head highs. Sativa plants excel most during summer season, where they can utilize the longer hours of sunlight to bask in to continue growing with elongated, airy bud as they flower. Sativa plants can thrive in indoor and outdoor conditions, as long as they have proper space and planning as they grow in size. Sativas generally produce a “high” effect, with consumers reporting experiences of happiness, euphoria, increased energy, motivation, or a better mood overall. Some people also feel relaxed smoking sativa strains, but usually not as much as they would smoking indica strains.

energetic high

The Energetic High

Unlike Indica, known for its sedative high, sativa actually helps increase focus, creativity, and energy. Sativa strains offer the consumer many benefits with its uplifting effects, associated with aiding mental health conditions like depression by boosting moods. Sativa strains are also known to add increased appetite for those battling anorexia as well as other benefits.

Top 3 Sativa Strains 2018

Now that you’ve got some more background on sativa strains, let’s talk about our top 3 sativa strains on the market. Trust us, this wasn’t easy...but hey someone’s gotta do it, right?

  • 1. Jack Herer

  • This sativa-dominant hybrid contains approximately 55% sativa to give the smoker the perfect balance of sativa/indica. The name behind this hybrid strain was in tribute to a  cannabis advocate. The Jack Herer strain provides a nice spice kick with a nice sensory treat and cooling sensation. Many people who have lung problems claim the cooling sensation helps provide significant relief. The comedown is also subtle, which is an added bonus. Give this strain a try if you haven’t already. It will give you quite the high you’re looking for!

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  • 2. Durban Poison

  • If you are looking for a quality pure sativa strain, this one will leave you bursting with energy. For the cannabis lovers who thrive on energetic highs, this will surely be the strain for you! This bad boy is also known as the espresso strain that almost feels like you just downed a bunch of espresso shots at once. Start your day with some of this spicy aromatic, distinctively sweet fruity noted Durban Poison and you’ll be sure to have a productive day. This strain is also typically carries stronger levels of THC (up to 24%) so buckle up for an intense high! This pure sativa strain offers medicinal benefits as well, helping relieve migraines, increasing appetite and has anti-emetic properties. 

  • 3. Hawaiian Snow

  • Yup, another hybrid strain made the cut! Hawaiian snow is another sativa-dominant strain with 80% sativa 20% indica, this wonderful creation is known to uplift moods and increase one’s energy and motivation, mellowed down a little with the indica. This strain is also among the stronger ones, with THC levels ranging up to 24%, similar to Durban Poison. Many people treat anxiety and depression with this strain as well. With a nice, soothing eucalyptus aroma complemented with an underlying citrus note, this strain is incredibly luring. If you’re looking for a good laugh - look no further! Expect some uncontrollable giggling to commence shortly after consuming this particular strain.

  • With so many options available, it’s pretty damn hard finding the perfect strain for you to enjoy, but there is no doubt you’ll have fun during the process. There are so many strains out there, it’s good to try out some of the recommended best, and venture from there to see what you prefer. If your goal is to have an energetic, productive social high, any sativa strains from the top three we’ve listed will be sure to please! Sativa strains are also great solutions to fight against depression, anxiety, anorexia, and even helps with pain relief. Good luck, and happy smoking! Make sure you check out Tokershub for all your smoking needs and quality accessories.

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