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Vape for Beginners

Vape for Beginners

Many smokers have finally put down the cigarette, picked up vapes and never looked back. Vapes have been the popular cigarette replacement for some time now and though it has helped many addicts make the transition, there are some curious non-smokers who want to try the new fad out and see for what the hype is about for themselves. Are you a current smoker ready to make the leap to vaping but want to learn more? Are you not a smoker but want to try vaping? Just curious to learn more? Lucky for you, we’ve done our homework and are more than happy to share with you what we’ve discovered for brand new vapers or those who are just curious and want to learn more about vaping. Keep reading to find out more!

What is Vaping?

Vaping is inhaling the smoke produced by electronic cigarettes. You insert drops of e-juice (vegetable glycerin, flavoring, additional nicotine or concentrated cannabis) into your vape device, press a button on the vape to heat the liquid in which you inhale from the opening and produce thick clouds of flavored smoke. Electronic cigarettes are more commonly known today as vapes, a re-chargeable electronic device used to replicate the same feel of smoking a cigarette. This device was created to help weene smoke addicts off of tobacco and slowly lower nicotine dosage in your e-liquids until you are at level 0 (no nicotine). E-liquids have different flavors ranging in nicotine strengths, the more nicotine present the higher the level (usually found on label of e-liquid). Originally, e-cigarettes closely resembled cigarettes - even lighting red at the end of the e-cigarette whenever users would press the button to take a puff. Over time they have evolved into many different shapes and sizes. There are also many non-cigarette smokers today that enjoy vaping without adding nicotine for the unique, real-tasting flavors and thick clouds of smoke the vape produces. Some people use vapes for smoking cannabis as well. You may ask yourself, “what is the best vape to use?” We encourage you to check out our selection since they come in many different varieties. Many claim concentrate vaporizers are more convenient and do not require a light to smoke. Consider giving our Yocan Evolve Plus Gold Concentrates vaporizer a try to accomplish a nice munchie-inducing buzz for the cannabis lover.

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What sets Vaping apart from Cigarettes?

There are many differences that separate vapes from cigarettes. Vapes typically yield much thicker smoke than cigarettes do. While cigarettes tend to create an unpleasant smell for those around you, vape smoke smells like the flavoring you choose. There are many varieties of e-liquids (also referred to as “juice”), ranging from strawberry shortcake to banana nut bread. Experts have been able to recreate real-tasting e-liquid flavors that are almost too good to be true. E-liquids have really expanded and grown on the market for vape users and actually helps satisfy a lot of those guilty cravings by vaporizing your favorite flavors. Cigarettes produce ash when you light up and let burn, while vapes only heat up with a press of a button. There are also less toxins found in vapes than cigarettes, mainly nicotine being one of the few toxins in e-cigarettes while cigarettes carry 20 plus toxins.

What are Vapes Composed of?

Though many vapes come in different forms, they often share similar parts. Most vapes require a battery, tank, mod, coils and e-liquid to operate. The battery is your vape’s main power source and is rechargeable through a power outlet/USB port, or can be disposable. Tanks are where the e-liquid is stored for the vape to extract the glycerin from, and are usually refillable. Mods are the main body part where the batteries are stored. E-liquid (as explained above) is the liquid component that gives flavor, thick clouds, and nicotine or concentrates for the vape user.

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Many studies have shown that vaping is a healthy alternative to smoking. Vaping is not toxin-free, but is arguably the lesser of the two evils. There are still much more studies to be conducted on e-cigarettes since they are fairly new to the market. As more developments are made, we will be sure to keep you posted. If you are an avid smoker, it’s okay to ditch the cigarette and make the switch. It is definitely not an easy step, we totally understand! All it takes is some commitment and a want for change. Stop waiting. Go buy a nice vape starter kit and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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