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What Are Quartz Nails?

What Are Quartz Nails?

What is a Quartz Nail?
Often mistaken for glass due to their similar clear appearance, quartz nails are actually much, much stronger. To tell the difference between glass and quartz, simply torch the nail until it turns a red color and immediately blanch in cold water. Glass nails will crack, whereas quartz nails won’t. Quartz nails are made of silicon dioxide, a strong and clean clear crystal with ability to withstand extreme high heat. A quartz nail is most commonly used as a dab rig tool and is sturdier than other nails made of ceramic and titanium. Dab nails are used to vaporize cannabis oil concentrates. Dabbing has gained a lot of popularity in the cannabis community, consuming higher concentrated weed to give you the ultimate high. In fact, quartz nails are currently the most popular dab nail on the market.

Clear or Colored Quartz?
Clear quartz, better known as “fused quartz” is composed of crushed mineral rock melted at very high temperature. Colored quartz contains the same process with the small addition of non-toxic minerals to create different colors. Both are perfectly safe to use.

Why Quartz Nails are Better
Not only are they less likely to break, quartz nails heat up much faster than other nails (three times as fast). It only takes approximately 5-10 seconds to heat up a quartz nail. Although their heat retention does not last as long, reheating is quick and easy. So how do you know when a quartz nail is hot enough? As soon as you see red flecks start to appear, .. Apply too much heat and you will burn the oil, causing the concentrate to form into a puddle. Not to panic! You will learn as you gain experience to get your quartz nail heated at just the right temperature for your liking.

Tastier. Quartz nails arguably have the purest taste to them, one of its best attributes. It is definitely recommended to “season” your quartz before your first use. Torch your brand new quartz for about a full minute to sterilize it. Wait about ten seconds to let cool, and dab. Repeat. Note the first couple times the dab will not taste as good and that’s completely normal.

Less likely to break. Quartz nails are able to absorb more heat than other ceramic and glass nails making them last much longer and worth buying.

Avoid purchasing poor quality quartz nails. They usually contain aluminum and other impurities that you will absorb when smoking with cheaply made nails. A quartz nail should not emit gas when you dab. Quality goes a long way. Check out our selection of quartz nails to give you the ultimate dab experience.

Maintaining Your Quartz
Before cleaning, make sure your quartz nail is completely cooled off from your smoke session. Generously dip your q-tip in rubbing alcohol and start swabbing the quartz bowl with it. Swipe in circular motions up, down, back, and forth, firmly pressing down on the q-tip to get through surface area of your bowl. This should remove most of the buildup from your quartz nail.

Maximizing your Quartz’s Lifespan 
It is highly recommended to clean your quartz nail between every dab. To perform a quick clean in between hits, lightly heat the bowl part of the nail with a lighter until a vapor emits. Being cautious not to burn yourself, blow through the nail’s joint side. Repeat the process until there is no more vapor - the vapor is essentially burning off the residue in the quartz. Presto! You have a clean, good as new quartz nail!

There’s a reason why quartz nails are so sought-after right now: quartz nails are remarkable for their heat capacity and amazingly clean taste that any dabber can testify for. Get your hands on one and see for yourself what the rage is all about. You will not be disappointed! Happy dabbing.

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