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What is a Dab Rig?

What is a Dab Rig?

Dab? Like that bent arm, head down gesture everyone kept doing for the last couple of years? No, not that dab. Dab, like for smoking cannabis. Over the years, dab rigs have gained a lot of popularity among millions of Americans. A dab rig (also known as oil rig) very much resembles physically a bong, but is not quite the same. Although a dab rig is also a water pipe, where you would use a bong to smoke dry herb, dab rings are used to smoke wax, oils, and concentrate.

What will you need to use a dab rig? There a few components that are necessary, including a water pipe (dab rig), dab nail, dabber, a hand torch or lighter, and of course the oil, wax, or concentrate. We have a great variety of different styles for every smoker. We have a huge selection of high quality dab rig pipes to choose from, tailored to fit all your customer needs. Our dabbing experts have worked extensively to design the best smoke experience to give you the high you are looking for. Try our fun customer favorite thick glass, bent mouth Futuristic Sci Illuminati Eye Dab Rig set which features an Illuminati inspired eyeball design and includes a dabber, dab nail, and dome. Missing individual parts? We carry stainless steel dabbers for a unbeatable price, each as well as handmade colorful glass-spun dabbers.

How do you use a dab rig? You will need to use a hand torch to heat up the dab nail (a removable piece) while being very careful not to point the flame towards your dab rig because it may cause the glass it to crack. As soon as you see the nail glow a nice orange color, remove from heat, attach to the joint of the dab rig and let cool before applying the concentrate using a dabber (a metal or glass stick) into the center dish of the dab nail. This will cause the oils to vaporize to a smooth smoke, ready to be inhaled. Using dab rigs allow you to intake a lot of THC in your system in a very short amount of time and are recommended for users who have a higher tolerance.

Useful tips? If you are a rookie dabber, it is highly recommended to start off with a very small dose of the cannabis oils and build your tolerance up, in case you are more sensitive to the highly concentrated good stuff. You don’t want to overwhelm your first dabbing experience. Start small, and build your tolerance. Try your first few sessions with an experienced dabber. They’ll be able to give you a visual example of the process and also give you some tips of their own from experience. Definitely stay hydrated! Not only are most of us not drinking the recommended daily amount of fluids anyway, but dabbing can leave you with the driest cotton mouth. Keep water readily available by you. Anytime fire is involved, it is a hazard - especially indoors. Before lighting the torch make sure there are no flammable objects nearby that can possibly catch fire. Keep your rig clean. Between hits, all sorts of unwanted things can find their way into your pipe. Consider purchasing one of our rubber dab mats to help keep your tools from moving or rolling off the table.

These are just some of the basic tips to get you started, and you’ll come up with some of your own as you gain experience. There are many different ways to consume cannabis, and using a dab rig is one of them. It all depends on personal preference. You know how the saying goes, don’t knock it ‘til you try it! See if dabbing is right for you. Maybe smoking the herb is enough for you, maybe higher concentration gives you a better kick. Find out for yourself. So now that you know what a dab rig is, what you need, and how to use one, what are you still doing reading this? Get up! Go make a run to your nearest smoke shop or head over to Tokershub for all your dabbing needs and dab away! Happy and SAFE dabbing :) Let us know in the comments how your first sesh went! We would love to hear about them.

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