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What is a Glass Blunt?

What is a Glass Blunt?

Say what? Sounds interesting, right? A blunt has been one of the most traditional ways of smoking herb. If you are a cannabis lover, you are always open to new ways to elevate your high. Here’s a new one - smoke using a glass blunt. Glass blunts are more versatile than any regular old hand pipe and safer than smoking with paper. What’s trippy is this glass device can act as a blunt would - it tightly wraps your herb to smoke with. It’s actually quite convenient! Let’s dive into all about glass blunts today and why you should try it if you haven’t.

What is a Glass Blunt?

A glass blunt is made up of three parts: a glass tube, a smaller glass tube, and rubber grommet. The smaller glass tube fits inside the larger glass tube and is able to slide in and out. One end of the small tube is like a plunger while the other end of the small tube is the mouthpiece.

How do you use a Glass Blunt?

You will need to load the glass blunt by pulling back the small tube to show an opening in the large tube. You will pack your ground herb in the space provided. You can control how much to pack, but if you want to maximize the space available, you will want to pull the small tube back as far as you can. After you finish packing your desired blunt, you will want to place your lips to the mouthpiece, light the end, and take a nice inhale. After a few puffs you will start to notice ash building up at the end of your glass bong. To empty, simply push the mouthpiece to push out the ash. This is one of the convenient reasons why smokers choose glass blunts over regular blunts - no ashing, no rolling, no paper required. Simply pack, smoke, and push out the ash as it builds. Make sure not to push out too hard, or it may leak the good herb.

Benefits of Using a Glass Blunt

Stealth. It may resemble a vape or cigarette from a certain distance and does not appear as bulky as a bowl would. Most glass blunts are small in size, easily concealable, and much less messy than it would be to try to conceal a bowl. Some modern glass blunts are made with rubber caps on one end to help hide the cannabis odor to be even sneakier. You can even use the glass blunt to store some herb to use for later.

Smoke Control. Glass blunts give you more control over the smoke you’re getting due to the constant smoke flow through using the piece. Why? Glass blunts are not usually made with any carb holes so there is no build up and release required. Depending on how tightly you pack the tube, you can control the amount of smoke you’ll get. The tighter the tube, the harder for smoke to travel through, the smaller the hits.

Versatility. Glass blunts can be used as a bowl, glass joint, vaporizer, or one-hitter. It all depends how you pack and light. To use as a one-hitter or chillum simply pack a little herb at the end of the tube and can be enough for a few hits. You can even use it like a full joint and pass around to your friends. If you want the glass blunt to act as a vape, pack as normal and light the bottom of the glass right beneath the cannabis. Move the torch back and forth the length of the tube (keep moving so you don’t burn unevenly). As you do so, you will begin to see vapor start to form. If done correctly, you can get vapors from the mouthpiece without burning your herb.

Inexpensive. You won’t have to keep restocking on rolling paper if you go with the glass. One-time payment. You can even find the cheaper glass blunts for the same price of one pack of rolling paper! It’s also made with thick glass for durability. Check out our 6” Head Colored Glass Blunt with a selection of cool, different designs on each head to choose from.

Healthier. Smoking herb with paper means adding harmful carcinogens to your session. Using glass instead only lights and burns the herb and you get the good stuff without the unnecessary crap. Not only is this option healthier, the smoke won’t be as harsh. No added chemicals here.

Convenient. No rolling necessary. Save yourself some time; just grind your weed and pack it in the tube. Rolling a blunt takes a lot longer, which may be annoying when you are short on time and want a good smoke in.

How to Maintain a Glass Blunt

Like most smoking devices, it is highly advised you clean on a regular basis to prevent resin buildup. Too much of that can cause clogging and make the mouthpiece difficult to slide in and out. Soak your piece in glass cleaner in a ziploc bag for some time and rinse off any residue. Let dry and you are set to go for another session my friend!

There are too many benefits to glass blunts not to try one. If you don’t have one of these bad boys in your collection, it’s definitely time to start. Glass blunts are cheap, durable, healthier, more convenient, and has multifunctional use. You can’t go wrong with that! We promise that you will thank us later, so you’re welcome now. You know the drill. Tokershub’s got all the herb accessories you heart can desire. Happy smoking.

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