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What is a Recycler Rig?

What is a Recycler Rig?

Hmm recycled?...Sounds environmentally friendly already...sign me up! There are constantly new cannabis products popping up on the market, and a recycler rig has been the new big favorite everyone’s been talking about. Its physical structure may look like something you would see in a Bill Nye science lab, but experts have designed these pipes to provide an even cleaner, effective smoking experience for the cannabis user. But what exactly is a recycler rig? How does it work? What’s so great about them? Keep reading to find out why you should hop on this bandwagon and give it a try.

What is a recycler rig?

A recycler rig is a particular type of dab rig, a common water pipe for smoking concentrates. This rig has four parts to its cycle: the main chamber (reservoir), intake, second chamber, and the drain. What sets these bad boys apart is their additional chamber built into the body of the rig to add extra filtration when smoking. Recycler rigs cycle the smoke and water throughout the pipe continuously to give you purer smoke and allows even bigger hits than a lot of other dab concentrate rigs. The continuous circulation also prevents your smoke from getting stale and provides cooler smoke than other rigs because the smoke has extra contact with the water, making inhalation smoother on the lungs.

7mm Thick Inline Slit Incycler Rig

Types of Recyclers

External Recyclers (Standard) have a drain tube that links the top and bottom of the can of the rig on the outside, creating an external loop.

Internal Recyclers (Incyclers) have two types: One features an external tube that cycles the water from the first chamber to the drain located inside the second chamber. The other incycler makes the water travel through little holes located at the top of the drain funnel. Our crowd-pleaser 7mm Thick Inline Slit Incycler Rig never fails to impress your friends during any smoke session.

Klein Recyclers are a mixture of external and internal recycler rigs. Kleins have similar designs like internal recyclers except the drain exits the can and loops back in instead of going straight to the bottom of the can. This helps stop the drain from interfering with the percolator. Tokershub carries an outstanding portable Mini Klein Inline Recycler with Tyre Perc.

How does a recycler rig work?

First, add water to the reservoir. Next, you torch your dab nail until you reach the desired heat and start to dab (applying the concentrate with a dab tool to the nail) while intaking slowly through the mouth piece. You will immediately see the vapor start to fill the rig and cycle through the chambers, intake, and drain. Continue the draw to allow the vapor to filtrate over and over. When the vapor completely fills the rig, remove the dab nail to clear it (inhale the tasty smoke). To use a recycler rig properly, you will want to take slower and longer draws. It might take some getting used to due to their restrictive design, but once you are familiar with using this rig, you’ll find it tough to go back to others.


Benefits of using a recycler rig

  • You will get more flavorful hits with recycler rigs because the vapor releases from the stream of water allowing the natural flavors of the concentrate to flourish closer to your mouth than other rigs. The prolonged filtration also yields less time for air and vapor to contact. This means fresher smoke for your enjoyment.

  • Constant water circulation = less cleaning. The water circulation helps cycle through the chambers preventing less residue to sticking to the insides of the glass. Less work? Yes please.

  • The second chamber acts as a splashguard enabling the user to hit the pipe as hard as they want without getting water splashback.

  • Extra water filtration helps cool the smoke = smoother hits.

Maintaining your recycler rig

As with any other pipe, you need to make sure you clean your recycler regularly to ensure a longer lifespan and better functionality. Because the water is in endless circulation does most of the cleaning work for you, you can easily remove the rest of any buildup in your recycler by swishing salt and alcohol. Certain types of recyclers will require special pipe cleaners or brushes. As always, change your water regularly (after each session) or it may result in leaving a foul taste and smell in your rig.

Give this hot new trend in the cannabis industry a shot. You will be glad you did, as many other smokers have claimed. As glassblowers and experts become more creative in their designs, it is good to upgrade with the advancements to achieve better smoking experiences. Recycler rigs are considered an improvement to smoother and tastier smoke compared to other concentrate rigs and Tokershub offers the best unique selection of top-tier quality rigs. We urge you to try it out and see for yourself!

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