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What Is An Ash Catcher Anyway?

Have you ever seen a dirty water pipe?

It's pretty gross.

In addition to being an unpleasant sight, a dirty water pipe also smells really, really bad.

And if for some reason you find yourself hitting a dirty water pipe, you'll probably notice
how much the heavy drag negatively impacts the hit.

And then there's the taste.


Look, we get it ...

Water pipes are susceptible to becoming dirty pretty quickly if you clean less than once
a month. For that reason, we wanted to share a solution designed to keep your water
pipe clean while maximizing your smoking experience through additional filtration.

We'd like to introduce you to ash catchers.

Let's take a look!

What is an ash catcher?

An ash catcher is an accessory that ensures a smooth smoking experience without the


Ash catchers are external components you can add and remove from your favorite
water pipe in effort to prevent ash and other debris from entering your water pipe.

This helps keep your water pipe clean and clear of heavy drag.

Ash catchers have become so popular due to the additional filtration and overall cleaner
experience, companies are taking ash catchers to the next level by incorporating
additional filtration technology to enhance the smoking experience. Not only do ash
catchers prevent nasty residues from clogging up your water pipe, they also produce
bigger and better-tasting hits.


Ash catchers often include their own percs, which are designed to filter your hit before it
even reaches the main chamber. This allows the temperature of the hit to cool down,
which results in a smoother hit.

And if your customers are anything like us, they're all about smoother hits.

1. Size

There is a variety of ash catchers available, so it's important to consider the differences
before buying. Glass on glass water pipe joint sizes are standardized at 10mm, 14mm,
and 18mm. In some cases, you may need to purchase an adapter to accommodate
your set up. With that said, we don't recommend using adapters, as they tend to add
weight to your water pipe and over-complicate an otherwise simple setup.

2. Joint Gender

Let's talk about the differences in gender.

Water pipe gender, that is.

If you have a female joint on your tube, you'll need the male counterpart to ensure the
best fit. For example, let's say you have a 14mm female joint on your water pipe; you'll
need a 14mm male ash catcher to effectively enjoy the benefits using an ash catcher.

Marry these two together and you'll experience a seamless smoking experience that
keeps your water pipe clean while cooling your rip.

That's all good, but what about the joint angle?

3. Join Angle

Water pipes usually feature a 45 degree or 90-degree angle.

This is important because it reveals what type of ash catcher you need to purchase in
order to properly marry the external component with your water pipe.

For example, if you have a water pipe with a 14mm female joint that sits at a 45-degree
angle, you need to purchase a male ash catcher with a reflective 45-degree angle. This
ensures your ash catcher fits properly with your water pipe or bong, not only in terms of
the sex but also in terms of the angle.

4. Weight

Does weight really matter?

Actually, yes.

The sex and angle may be the primary features to consider, but the weight is also
something to keep in mind when purchasing an ash catcher for your bong.

Like the variety of water pipes and bongs available, ash catchers come in wide range of
styles and weights. This is important because purchasing a heavy ash catcher may not
be the best idea if you have a smaller piece.


A heavy ash catcher will make your piece top-heavy.

This is both uncomfortable for the smoker and more likely to experience damage. With
that said, it's best to use your judgment because smaller ash catchers aren't always
the best option. For example, you could probably get away with purchasing a heavier
ash catcher for a heavier bong.

Just be sure to keep the stability of your piece in mind when purchasing an ash catcher.


At the end of the day, it's up to you to decide what's best for you and your water pipe or
bong. Pair opposite sexes together for the utmost performance and keep the weight in
mind when shopping for ash catchers.

Ash catchers provide a smooth hit while protecting the cleanliness of your piece, so be
sure to evaluate the products available and how they might work for you.

In our experience, there are two camps ...

One that believes ash catchers are a waste of time and money.

And one that believes ash catchers help protect the cleanliness of your piece while
providing extra filtration, which in turn provides a smoother hit.

What camp are you in?

We'd love to hear what you think!

Please let us know in the comment section below. Like us on Facebook. And check out
our shop if you're interested in stocking up your smoke shop with wholesale smoking

Until next time, thanks for reading and happy toking.

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