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What is Marijuana Shake?

What is Marijuana Shake?

No, it’s not a marijuana milkshake you drink. Marijuana shake can mean many different things depending who you’re talking to, but it is essentially the leftovers from your bud. These tiny pieces of cannabis break off from larger buds as you break them down for consumption. We’ll dive into what it is exactly and how you can utilize every spec of this beautiful herb. Knowing exactly what to look for in quality shake can make a huge difference in your smoking experience. Keep reading!

Where can I find Marijuana Shake?

These magical leftover buds can be found and bought at a medical dispensary. Shifting the nugs will cause bits and pieces to fall or break off and start to collect at the bottom of a weed jar. Yup, every bit matters! Dispensary owners typically sell the collected bits on its own or makes and sells pre-rolled joints with the marijuana shake. Purchasing the shake on its own will generally be cheaper than cannabis flower in bud form. The question at hand remains - is it worth buying? Well, it depends what exactly you’re looking to achieve and how you plan to use it.

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For those who frequently grind their herb before consumption, purchasing shake might be worth it. Often times it is worth purchasing for those who love smoking weed in joints, blunts, and even glass pieces. It depends on the quality of the shake and how cheap you can get it for. Shake is also a great ingredient to kick edibles up a notch.

How Can Shake Be Used?

Shake used in pre-rolled joints enables dispensaries to use every bit of their weed supply, but may raise questions on quality. Saving bits and pieces of herb (even high quality) for a certain period of time may cause it to lose potency and effectiveness. Quality is everything! Pre-rolls are already packaged in paper so it makes it difficult for a consumer to inspect the quality of weed before purchasing and smoking it. Some dispensaries may use sub-par quality shake (harsher, less potent and tasty) just because they can.

Experts suggest cutting open pre-rolled joints to examine the marijuana shake used. A great way to examine shake quality is to take nice, freshly grinded bud and compare it with the pre-rolled joint contents. Both should be very similar, if not almost identical in color and smell. If not, you may have less than perfect shake used for your joint.

pros of marijuana shake

Pros of Marijuana Shake


You can get shake for better deals than you would pay for nugs. For joints and edibles particularly, when bud consistency is not a key factor, shake is often considered a great option to achieve the best bang for your buck.

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Chances of extra potency

You might get some shake that is extra potent if it was chilling at the bottom of a vacuum-sealed container for a certain amount of time where kief begins to accumulate on top. The kief top is generally stronger than standard marijuana.

Things to consider

Although shake can be a delightful experience, there a some things to consider when it comes to marijuana shake that might turn some people off.


1. Shake can be rather dry

This is usually due to old supply or having the jars out longer than it should. Shake tends to oxidize a lot faster when exposed to more surface area - a huge reason why proper storage for marijuana shake is crucial to its shelf life.


2. May contain unwanted stems/plant matter

This usually happens when you pick apart bigger flower buds. A good way to prevent unwanted matter from getting into your marijuana shake is to filter the unwanted pieces from the shake using a screen. This should collect the bits you don’t want in your shake.

3. Using Trim to pass off as shake

People may use the two terms interchangeably, but trim and shake are actually two different things. Some growers may attempt to pass off selling trim as shake, but don’t be fooled. Trim is considered the unwanted matter that gets cut off the buds before the curing process. Trim is known to give off unpleasant smoke - many report a campfire/planty taste and also much less potent than shake.

4. Shake may be a mix of different strains

The shake you purchase may contain a mixture of various strains. It is good to be clear exactly what you are getting. Ask questions and communicate what you are trying to achieve with your high to the dispensary staff. If there are specific strains that affect your treatment, it is probably a good idea to avoid pre-rolled joints unless you know it is composed of only the strain you are looking for. Shake can be great for easy potent edibles while cutting the cost.

To shake or not to shake...well, it could be a gamble if you like buying pre-rolled joints, but if you don’t mind a mix of different strains, trimming, or other random bits getting into your shake, it’s not a bad idea. You can save a lot of money instead of buying whole nugs and you might just find some kief bits in your marijuana shake as well as an extra treat. Regardless, never rule out something without it trying it! At least when it comes to weed. We’re always looking for new ways to enhance your high and are more than happy to share with our buddies. Happy smoking!

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