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Why You Need an Herb Grinder

Why You Need an Herb Grinder

Herb grinders are one of the most common tools used to break down cannabis, but some still rely on using their hands, knives, and other random tools laying around the house. Why add another ten bucks on smoke supplies? Little do you know, these small tools actually make a huge impact on your overall smoking experience. Let us tell fact, this entire article is dedicated to why herb grinders are necessary. If you haven’t used a grinder before, we hope it’s because of us you go out and get yourself one after reading this.

What is an Herb Grinder?

An herb grinder typically grinds cannabis plants, and usually holds a cylindrical shape with two halves that can separate the herb. They feature sharp teeth on the bottom of the first half of that are aligned to shred the herb when the halves are closed correctly and twisted. People often use grinders to break up cannabis into smaller pieces to roll into joints, use for cannabis-infused foods, or to smoke with pipes and vaporizers.

Handmuller Grinder 4 part 2

Benefits of using an Herb Grinder

Herb grinders will break apart your cannabis into even particles to get an even burn when smoking it. Grinding the herbs help release natural flavors and scents to enhance your experience. The consistent cannabis buds will also be evenly heated to extract as much THC from the plant as possible. You will be able to pack denser and bigger bowls from grinding your weed because it increases the surface area to allow more room for more weed to fit in your bowl. Many people who vape also swear by grinding weed in their vaporizers. Kief - is created by carefully separating the small frosty hairs on cannabis buds (also known as trichomes) to enable a very rich concentrate. Certain herb grinders are designed to collect that.

What are the different types of Herb Grinders?

There are many types and styles to choose from: aluminum, copper, wood, plastic, depending on your taste and durability. Seasoned smokers have warned to steer clear from plastic and wooden grinders because the plastic falls apart easily and plastic pieces may accidentally get mixed in with your herb and smoked. Wooden grinders tend to draw up resins and harder to clean.

Style Choices

Grinders have simple designs to more complex ones, depending on what capabilities you want:

  • Two-piece: the most basic grinder, with top and bottom halves (two pieces) to crush your herb.

  • Three-piece: this grinder has two chambers. The chamber on top collects the particles used for smoking and the bottom chamber collects the smaller pollen that filters through the screen in the middle. You can use the bottom chamber as a storing container. TokersHub carries a very unique three-piece Silver Dollar Herb Grinder with sharp blades to help you cut your cannabis quickly in its 1.5 inch display. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Four-piece: very similar to the three-piece grinder, with an additional kief collecting pit to gather all of the most potent tiny particles of the herb. Many cannabis lovers like to sprinkle the potent dust on foods, or added back into the bowl or joint to enhance the taste and high. Try our favorite beer lover Beer Can Grinder four part standing at two inches tall in its fine metal construction.

beer can grinder

If for whatever reason you are still unconvinced that you need an herb grinder in your life, pack a bowl with herb using your hands or whatever you were using before, and another bowl with ground herb (same herb) using an herb grinder. You can borrow an herb grinder from a friend who has one or go to the store and get one (they’re usually not too strict on returns if you don’t mess it up too much). Tokershub offers a wide variety of fun herb grinders to choose from, don’t be shy to check them out! Do a taste test so you can compare the two methods right then and there and feel, taste, and see the difference in your smoke session. It’s 2018! Whether for smoking or in life, stay on your grind. See what we did there? Haha. Happy smoking.

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