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What are Sherlock Pipes?

What are Sherlock Pipes?

We’re all too familiar growing up watching the classic cartoons with characters such as Sherlock Holmes, Popeye, and detectives sporting the infamous smoke pipes. Maybe your grandpa even had one. If you haven’t had the opportunity of using a sherlock pipe, you’re missing out. What’s so special about a sherlock pipe? Today, we’re diving into what sherlock pipes are, breaking down the benefits of their design and structure, why you need one in your life, and the different types of these pipes you can choose from. Hang tight, we’re going in.


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The Smooth Breakdown of a Sherlock Pipe

These pipes were coined “sherlock” pipes, with a saxophone design, and can be made of several types of materials. Crafty glass blowers have utilized the sherlock design with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece curving upwards away from the bowl, causing an arch shape.

The curved shape of a sherlock pipe causes smoke to take a little longer to travel to the mouthpiece, allowing the smoke a chance to cool down a little more before inhalation. Cooler smoke is easier on the lungs, offering smoother hits unlike straight-shot mouthpieces such as spoons, and other dry hand pipes. Some sherlock pipes come with a carb on the side or behind the bowl to help users control pipe airflow. When covering the carb, the smoke flow pauses. Releasing the carb allows the smoke to travel through. A good tip to note is to not wait too long to release the carb. You might get a lungful of huge, hot, and harsh hits straight to the throat. At this point, you’ll just have to brace yourself for some crazy coughs.

Sherlock Pipe Bowls

The bowls of these pipes are standard-sized. If you are looking to have a bigger session, just repack the bowl with more dry herb. If you are seeking maximum efficiency from these bad boys, we recommend packing loosely, as you would with other hand pipes. If you pack too little herb, you may cause too much airflow. If you pack too much, you will restrict airflow. Not to worry though, all it takes is some practice and you’ll get the right ratio in no time.

Why Sherlock Pipes?

Sherlock pipes are shaped to fit snugly in the palm of your hand for comfortability and functionality. They are also less likely to drop or break since you are able to have a firm grip while using the piece. The sherlock bowls are decent sized and will last for a longer amount of time, perfect for a smoker with high tolerance or sharing with your stoner friends in a session. That’s a plus in our book. Sherlock pipes also offer a cool look to anyone using them. Let’s be real, we’ve all wanted to try holding one as kids! Many of these pipes are shaped differently and are unique in their own way. Our fun customer favorite has been the 5” Giraffe Sherlock Pipe  sure to get a kick out of you and your friends. A lot of sherlock pipes are customizable, thanks to skilled glass artists who can personalize your own hand pipe to your liking. There are even mini-sized hand pipes perfect for on the go and sure to fit in any pocket.

Types of Sherlock Pipes

Generally, sherlock pipes are made of wood, glass, or metal. Whichever one is considered the best depending on the smoker’s preference. Let’s take a look at the different types of sherlock pipes we have to work with below.

Wooden - Wooden sherlock pipes are considered much more traditional. Although these pipes were the original form, wood often absorbs the odors from the products over time so it’s a good rule of thumb to stick to only one substance or flavor, or you may end up with a pipe reeking of a mixture of flavors resulting with a not-so-pleasant taste. During your first few sessions with a new wooden sherlock pipe, you may notice the edges of the bowls burn slightly until they create a protective layer.

Glass - Glass sherlock pipes have capabilities to incorporate more complex designs. Although glass pieces are more expensive than wood material, they are easier to clean and maintain. Glass pipes also keeps the integrity of the pure smoke from added flavors. Glass sherlock pipes are usually thick considered durable, but still prone to cracks, chips, and breaking so handle with care!

Large Stand-up Sherlock Pipe

Metal - Last but not least, metal sherlock pipes! These babies are the most durable pipe out of all three types. However, some smokers do report experiencing a change in smoke flavor when using metal sherlock pipes. Metal is easy to clean, maintain, and offer many unique, futuristic designs that barely resemble a pipe.

So, there you have it folks!  Sherlock pipes are a great, classy way to get lit with your pinkies up. You can’t help but feel a little fancy holding one up to your mouth. They pay homage to the original tobacco pipe shape and offer a clean, smooth taste all smokers can enjoy with proper bowl packing. Whether wooden, glass, or metal, sherlock pipes are for you depends on your personal taste. Don’t hesitate to give these awesome hand pipes a try to boost your high in a new way you haven’t explored.

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