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Puffco Peak Smart Electronic Vaporizer Rig. Elevated Precision, the Puffco Peak Smart Rig redefines precision with cutting-edge technology, ensuring an experience. Get the most efficient and enjoyable experience.
Product Details

Features of the Puffco Peak Smart Rig:

  • Elevated Precision: The Puffco Peak Smart Rig redefines precision with its cutting-edge technology, ensuring an experience that resonates with the most discerning aficionados.
  • Intelligent App Control: Seamlessly integrate your dabbing experience with the intelligence of an app. Effortlessly customize temperature settings and explore various features with a touch on your smartphone.
  • Wireless Powerhouse: Revel in the convenience of wireless charging, as this rig boasts a power-packed battery that propels you into extended dabbing sessions.
  • Dynamic Temperature Control: Unlock the potential of your concentrates with dynamic real-time temperature control, guaranteeing each inhalation is a symphony of flavor and vapor.
  • Precision-Crafted Chamber: Envelop your senses in a spacious ceramic chamber, where the true essence of your concentrates is masterfully preserved.
  • Artistry of Illumination: Illuminate your journey with customizable LED lights, each hue and animation a canvas for personal expression.
  • Double the Capacity: Experience the art of extended dabbing with the Smart Rig's double water capacity, enhancing each draw with unmatched percolation.
  • Energy Efficiency: The Smart Rig gracefully manages its energy with an auto-sleep function, while a single charge accommodates up to 30 sessions.
  • Versatile Heat Proficiency: Select from four pre-programmed heat settings, each a choreography of flavors and vapor tailored to your palate.
  • Innovative 3D Chamber: Within the Smart Rig resides a creative 3D ceramic bowl, an epitome of form and function in dabbing.

The Ensemble Awaits:

Included in this exquisite ensemble:

  • 1 x Puffco Peak Smart Rig
  • 1 x Dab Tool
  • 1 x Charging Cable + Charging Box
  • 4 x Dual Tools: Cleaning Cotton Swab / Wood Dab Loading Tool
  • 1 x 3D Chamber
  • 1 x Carb Cap
  • 1 x Carrying Case

Puffco Peak Smart Rig:

A marvel of modern design from Puffco, the Smart Rig invites you to explore the world of concentrates with open arms. Crafted with meticulous precision, its borosilicate glass vessel cradles double the water, ensuring uninterrupted sessions enriched by percolation water filtration. Within this masterpiece lies a newly designed 3D heating ceramic bowl, delivering a dabbing experience. Control the Smart Rig with the finesse of an artisan, utilizing the intuitive app that grants access to temperature settings and LED lighting animation effects, culminating in a journey that combines control and luxury.

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