Magnet Lid Metal Rolling Trays

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Smoking game with our Magnet Lid Metal Rolling Trays, featuring magnetic tops for secure storage. These stylish and functional trays keep your smoking essentials organized, adding convenience and flair to your smoking setup.
Product Details

Our Magnet Lid Metal Rolling Trays are designed to enhance your smoking experience with style and functionality. These trays come equipped with magnetic lids that ensure your smoking essentials, herbs, or tobacco remain securely in place during use and storage. Crafted from high-quality metal, they provide a sturdy and durable surface for rolling and preparing your smoking materials.

The magnetic tops offer secure storage and add a modern and practical element to your smoking ritual. Available in various sizes and designs, these rolling trays cater to different preferences, making them suitable for casual smokers and dedicated enthusiasts. Elevate your smoking setup with our Magnet Lid Metal Rolling Trays, combining convenience and aesthetics for a more enjoyable smoking experience.



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