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Refined Koala Puffs, Iconic Design - Embrace Elegance with the Grey Lookah Bear Vape Battery.
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Wholesale Koala Puffs:
Discover the epitome of vaping sophistication with the grey Lookah Bear 510 Vape Battery, our most elegantly designed battery. Encased in a soft silicone body with a tasteful bear silhouette, this compact powerhouse fits seamlessly into the palm of your hand or the sophistication of your lifestyle. Its distinguished grey hue and smooth finish offer a touch of classic grace to your vaping routine.

Meticulously crafted for convenience, the Bear's intuitive design includes a lanyard hole in its pieced ear, ensuring your device is always within reach, eliminating worries of misplacement. Beyond its striking appearance, the Bear delivers versatility with its universal 510 thread compatibility, suitable for a broad spectrum of oil or extract cartridges, including the Lookah 510 wax carts.

Experience tailored vaping with three preset voltages, artfully indicated by a discreet LED on the Bear's dignified face—each color signifying a level of intensity for your personalized pleasure. Despite its unassuming size, the 500mAh battery capacity assures a full day of usage, bringing reliability without the bulk.

Charging is equally as refined, with a USB Type-C port at its side and a clear battery life indicator integrated artfully into the Bear's design. The subtle LED display communicates your device's status, ensuring you remain in control and your sessions uninterrupted.

In the box, you will receive one Grey Lookah Bear 510 Vape Battery, a symbol of vaping luxury and a testament to tasteful innovation. Elevate your experience with a vape battery designed not just to perform but to impress.



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