Glass Diffuser Beads with Strain and Storage Bag - 500 Green Beads

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Spin and Store: Solid Color Diamond Silicone Spinner Carb Cap with Storage
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3-in-1 Design

The Diamond Silicone Spinner Carb Cap by White Rhino combines three essential dabbing tools into one convenient accessory. It functions as a spinner carb cap, a terp ball holder, and a storage container for concentrates.

Spinner Carb Cap

The diamond-shaped spinner carb cap features unique grooves that create a vortex airflow within your banger. This spinning action ensures even heat distribution and efficient vaporization of concentrates, enhancing flavor and smoothness.

Built-In Storage Container

Under the lid of the carb cap is a silicone jar with two compartments. These compartments allow you to store different strains or keep your terp ball secure. The non-stick silicone material makes it easy to handle and clean.

Durable and Shatter-Resistant

Made from high-quality silicone, this carb cap is shatter-resistant and built to withstand daily use. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Terp Ball Included

Each Diamond Silicone Spinner Carb Cap comes with a 6mm terp ball, which helps to distribute heat further and improve vaporization. The term ball can be stored in the built-in compartment when not in use.

Solid Colors

These carb caps, available in various solid colors, add style to your dabbing setup while ensuring easy visibility.

Versatile Compatibility

This carb cap is designed to fit various styles and sizes of bangers, making it a versatile addition to any dabbing setup.

White Rhino Brand

As a White Rhino product, this spinner carb cap guarantees premium quality and performance and is trusted by dabbing enthusiasts.

Bulk Wholesale Packaging

This accessory is ideal for retailers and smoke shops and is available in bulk wholesale packaging, ensuring you can stock up and offer your customers a high-demand product.

Green Colored Glass Beads, also known as diffuser balls, are tiny beads designed to be used in water pipes. They act as a percolator, helping to break up the smoke for smoother hits.
Diffuser beads work as a percolator by breaking up the smoke into smaller bubbles, which increases the surface area for cooling and filtration. This results in a smoother and cooler smoke.
Yes, the diffuser beads are Heat Resistant. Since they are submerged in water, they never get hot, ensuring a safe and comfortable smoking experience.
The benefits of using diffuser beads include smoother airflow, cooler smoke, and a cleaner water pipe. The beads help to filter the smoke and can also scrape the inside of the pipe to remove any residue.
To use the diffuser beads, pour them into the water pipe from the top while the downstem and bowl are on. Then fill the pipe with water and use as usual. After use, pour the beads into the strainer bag, rinse them with clean water, and store them for future use.
The unique strain and store bag allows users to pour the beads directly from the water pipe into the strainer bag. Let the water flow through the bag into a sink, then run clean water through the strainer bag. The diffuser beads are then ready for storage.
Yes, the White Rhino Diffuser Beads are available in five colors, including green, allowing you to customize the look of your water pipe.
These diffuser beads are offered by White Rhino, a reputable brand known for its high-quality smoking accessories and tools. White Rhino products are trusted for their durability and performance.

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