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Dr. Hemp No-Weld, Seamless Full Spectrum Terp Marbles.This combo marble kit includes Dr. hemp brand 1 Terp marble, 1 Terp pillar, 2 Terp pearls, 2 Terp vacuum marbles.

These are the ultimate dabbing accessory that allows you to get the most out of your hemp extract and concentrates. And can be used as universal for all your quartz terp slurpers and other quartz buckets.

Dr. Hemp Terp Marbles (often referred to as top terp marble) is made of borosilicate glass with different variations of colors and glass artwork. We worked really hard and introduced one of the most influenced and most respected latticinio glass artwork in Full spectrum colors. The top terp marble is a must for Dr. hemp terp blender, Dr. hemp terpguard terp slurper kit, Dr.hemp Orb terpguard Slurper, Dr. hemp Terpguard Straight Slurper.

Dr. Hemp Terp pearls are small quartz or Borosilicate glass spheres that are added to your Quartz Buckets and they rotate around inside as you inhale. The spinning action spreads your dab out across the surface area of the banger to provide you with larger vapor clouds.

Dr.Hemp Terp Vacuum Marble This marble is designed to control the airflow of your hemp extracts and concentrates. The vacuum feature helps slow the travel of your oil and vaporization of your dabs while elongating the life of your oil and cooling off your hits.

Dr.Hemp Terp Pillars are small quartz or Borosilicate glass pillar-shaped that are added to your Quartz Buckets and they rotate around inside the lower internal chambers as you inhale. The spinning action spreads your dab out across the surface area of the banger to provide you with larger vapor clouds. These are often used to replace terp pearls or can be used all together as a combo.

Not to mention how easily you could store and strain these marbles with the store and strain pouches we have used to package the combo 5-piece marble set by Dr. Hemp Quartz.

Make sure to check out our 100% Quartz Buckets Dr. hemp terp blender, Dr. hemp terpguard terp slurper kit, Dr.hemp Orb terpguard Slurper, Dr. hemp Terpguard Straight Slurper.


  • Dr. Hemp Terp Marble - 1 Piece
  • Dr. Hemp Terp Pearls -  2 Piece
  • Dr. Hemp Terp Vacuum Marble - 1 Piece
  • Dr. Hemp Terp Pillars - 1 Piece
  • Dr. Hemp Strain and Storage Pouch

FOR HEMP USE ONLY. "HEMP" In Compliance with The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill)
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