Squared Fritted Marble Showerhead Glass Ash Catcher


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 Glass Ash Catcher Wholesale

This Squared Fritted Marble Showerhead Ash Catcher is a beautiful add-on for any piece. It's designed to keep ash from entering your piece while providing a smooth hit.

The Squared Fritted Marble Showerhead provides a smooth hit while preventing dirt, debris, and ash from entering your piece. This beautiful add-on is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles so be sure to check the features below. 


  • Glass construction
  • Fits 14/18mm Female jointed Water Pipes
  • Fits 14/18mm Male Bowls Available in the following sizes: 14mm Male 18mm Male
  • Colors and sizes vary depending on availability
  • Squared Fritted Marble Showerhead
  • Bubble Rock Showerhead