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Banana Cream: A creamy and tropical delight that transports you to a paradise of flavor.
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Unique Flavor Experience

Dr. Hemp Banana Cream Pre-Rolls offer a unique smoking experience with delightful bananas and cream flavors. These pre-rolls feature a crush-activated flavor tip, allowing users to initially enjoy the natural hemp taste and then enhance it with a creamy banana flavor.

Quality and Purity

Crafted with 100% organic, pesticide-free hemp, these pre-rolls are lab-tested and free from additives. The full-spectrum hemp ensures a rich and natural smoking experience, with the added benefits of CBD and CBG.

Convenient Packaging

Available in a 20-pack display, each pre-roll is carefully filled with a gram of premium hemp. The packaging is designed for effortless production and sale, making it an attractive option for retailers.

Wholesale Advantage

These pre-rolls are available for bulk purchase, providing a cost-effective solution for smoke shops and dispensaries. With competitive pricing and high demand for flavored CBD products, Dr. Hemp's Banana Cream pre-rolls are an excellent addition to any store's inventory. Dr. Hemp's Banana Cream CBD + CBG pre-rolls in King Palm wraps are a standout product for wholesale buyers, combining quality, flavor, and convenience in a highly marketable package.

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