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Dip Devices stands at the forefront of concentrate vaping technology, offering a range of innovative products that cater to the evolving needs of the modern consumer. TokersHub is proud to feature Dip Devices, highlighting their commitment to quality, versatility, and innovation in the vaping industry.

Innovative Vaping Solutions

Dip Devices revolutionizes how concentrates are consumed with their multifunctional, portable, and torchless vaping solutions. The Dipper, a 2-in-1 electric dab pen and honey straw, offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. The EVRI, a continuously evolving product, features interchangeable, magnetic attachments for a versatile vaping experience, including a Vapor Tip electric dab straw and a Quartz Crystal Attachment for traditional dab pen hits.

Durability and Quality

Built for extreme durability and reliability, the Dipper is a testament to Dip Devices' commitment to quality. With replaceable tips and three high-powered heat settings, it allows for torchless dabbing, backed by a comprehensive one-year warranty. This dedication to quality ensures that users enjoy a consistent and satisfying vaping experience.

Award-Winning Design

The Little Dipper, Dip Devices' discreet electric dab straw, was voted the Best New Product of the Year in 2021 by HQ Event. This recognition underscores the brand's innovative approach to design and functionality, making its products a favorite among consumers seeking portable and efficient vaping solutions.

Social Consciousness

Beyond their technological advancements, Dip Devices strives to be a leader in the dynamic herbal medicine marketplace, focusing on quality, originality, and social consciousness. Their mission reflects a commitment to advancing vaping technology and contributing positively to the community and environment. Cutting-edge vaping technology that combines innovation, quality, and social responsibility. TokersHub's commitment to offering these products competitively ensures that individual consumers and retailers can access the best concentrated vaping technology. Explore our selection today and discover why Dip Devices is a top choice for electric dab pens and straws, driving the future of concentrate consumption.


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