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Wholesale Freezable Coil Bongs and Recycler Rigs

TokersHub is excited to introduce our selection of wholesale freezable coil bongs and recycler rigs featuring innovative freeze pipe technology. These glycerin-filled pieces are designed to cool smoke significantly before inhalation, providing a smooth and chilled smoking experience. As a leading wholesale supplier, we offer these cutting-edge smoking accessories at competitive prices, allowing retailers to cater to customers seeking the latest bong and rig technology.

Innovative Cooling with Freezable Glycerin

Our freezable coil bongs and recycler rigs have a glycerin chamber that can be frozen to dramatically cool smoke. This unique feature ensures that each hit is exceptionally smooth and less harsh on the throat, making for a more enjoyable smoking experience. The glycerin remains liquid when frozen, allowing optimal smoke flow and cooling efficiency. These pieces are perfect for smokers who prioritize comfort and are a tremendous hit.

Durable and High-Quality Design

Crafted from high-quality materials, our freezable coil bongs and recycler rigs are built to last. The glycerin chambers are securely sealed and integrated into the design, ensuring durability and preventing leaks. The thick glass construction adds an extra layer of protection, making these pieces functional and sturdy. Despite their advanced features, we offer these bongs and rigs wholesale, providing excellent value for retailers and their customers.

Your Go-To Wholesale Supplier for Freezable Pieces

TokersHub is committed to being your preferred wholesale supplier for freezable coil bongs and recycler rigs. Our online platform is designed for ease of use, allowing retailers to quickly browse our selection, place orders, and manage their inventory efficiently. We understand the importance of timely delivery, so we prioritize fast shipping to ensure your business remains well-stocked with the latest smoking innovations.


  1. Glycerin Filled Coil
    Glycerin Filled Coil
    Code: WP155-Mixed
  2. Glycerin-Filled Bong
    Glycerin-Filled Bong
    Code: WP152-Mixed
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