Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit Synthetic Urine Detox

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Maintain your privacy and detox effectively with Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine, the trusted choice for passing drug tests.
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24 Pieces (Pro Belt Kit - 4 Oz) 24 $13.50

High-Quality Synthetic Urine

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit is preloaded with 4oz of Quick Fix 6.3 synthetic urine, known for its high success rate in mimicking human urine for testing purposes. It's a trusted product for those requiring a dependable synthetic urine sample.

Discreet and Easy to Use

The kit is designed for convenience and includes an adjustable belt for easy wear, a heating pad to maintain the urine at body temperature, and a temperature strip for monitoring. The product's discreet nature makes it suitable for a variety of situations.

Versatile Application

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit can be used for various purposes, including scientific testing, product demonstrations, or as a novelty item in adult entertainment. It's a versatile solution that caters to different user needs.

Bulk Wholesale Availability

Retailers can purchase the Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit in bulk at wholesale prices, making it a cost-effective addition to their inventory. The product's popularity and quality make it a valuable offering for businesses.

The Quick Fix Pro Belt Kit stands out for its quality, ease of use, and comprehensive components, making it a preferred choice for synthetic urine solutions. Offering this product at wholesale prices provides a significant advantage for retailers looking to meet customer demand in this niche market.



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