Faberge Egg Water Percolated All-One Dab Rig

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Faberge Egg Water Percolated Dab Rig Set: Dr. Hemp Brand Excellence
Glass PercolatorFaberge Egg
Joint Angle180°
Ground Joint510 Thread Connect
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Percolator Nectar Collector for Wax & Oils | Water Function | Online Sale

Our online sale features the innovative Percolator Nectar Collector designed for wax concentrates and oils. This collector stands out with its water-function percolator, ensuring a smooth and excellent dabbing experience. Ideal for concentrate enthusiasts, the percolator adds a level of filtration that enhances flavor and reduces harshness, making each session more enjoyable. These nectar collectors are crafted for efficiency and ease of use, suitable for seasoned users and those new to concentrates. Available online, they offer the convenience of shopping from home with the assurance of a quality product. The design focuses on maximizing the benefits of water filtration, making it a perfect tool for those who prefer a cleaner, more excellent dab. Our online sale ensures that these high-quality percolator nectar collectors are accessible at competitive prices, making them a great addition to any dabber's collection.



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