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Puffco is a brand that has become a leader in concentrate consumption, known for its innovative and high-tech intelligent dab rigs, vaporizers, and vape pens. As a wholesale distributor, TokersHub is proud to offer Puffco products, ensuring that customers can access some of the market's most advanced and user-friendly dabbing tools.

High-Tech Smart Dab Rigs for Superior Experience

Puffco's innovative dab rigs, like the Puffco Peak and Peak Pro, are at the cutting edge of dabbing technology. These rigs are designed for ease of use, precision heating, and optimal flavor, offering a seamless and potent dabbing experience without a torch.

Innovative Hash Vaporizers and Vape Pens

Puffco also offers a range of hash vaporizers and vape pens that cater to the needs of concentrate enthusiasts. These devices are engineered to provide a clean and flavorful vapor, with features such as temperature control and sesh-mode functionality that enhance the overall experience.

Essential Dabbing Tools and Accessories

Beyond their vaporizers, Puffco provides various dabbing tools and accessories that complement their devices. From carb caps to cleaning swabs, Puffco ensures users have everything they need for a complete and enjoyable dabbing session.

Competitive Wholesale Prices

TokersHub's partnership with Puffco allows for competitive wholesale pricing across the entire range of products. This ensures that retailers can stock up on popular Puffco items and offer them to customers at attractive prices. At the same time, individual buyers can enjoy the benefits of advanced dabbing technology at an affordable cost.


  1. Peak Pro 3D Chamber Atomizers
    Peak Pro 3D Chamber Atomizers
    Code: VP06
  2. Puff Co Peak Atomizer
    Puff Co Peak Atomizer
    Code: VP04
  3. Puff Co Plus Portable Vape
  4. Puff Co Plus Portable Vape
  5. Puffco Peak New Pro
    Puffco Peak New Pro
    Code: VP42-Black