Inside Out Spiral Channels

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Gold Fumed Pipe with Spiral Ribbons: Radiant Elegance in Design
StyleStandard Glass
Glass TubeStandard Thick
Product Details

4 Inch Green/Gold Hand Pipes with Built-In Honeycomb Screen

The 4-inch Green/Gold Hand Pipes have built-in honeycomb glass screens, providing a seamless smoking experience. The pipes are handcrafted art pieces of thick borosilicate glass, offering a handy and portable design. The built-in honeycomb screen provides smooth airflow and makes it easy to clean, ensuring a hassle-free smoking session. The package includes a four 4-inch built-in Honeycomb Hand Pipe, and the pipes are available in green and shiny gold color combinations.

Glass Pipe With Honeycomb Screen

The glass pipes with built-in honeycomb screens offer a convenient and effective way to enjoy smoking without additional screens. Crafted from durable borosilicate glass, these pipes are available for wholesale purchase. The built-in honeycomb screen enhances the smoking experience by effectively filtering the smoke and preventing ash from entering the mouthpiece.

Blazing Blue Glass Honeycomb Screen

The Blazing Blue Glass Honeycomb Screen features a multiple-hole design that diffuses air while maintaining maximum airflow. These glass screens improve airflow and stay in place after only 3-4 uses. They are designed to provide particle-free smoke without clogging up the bowl.

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