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Sherlock Glass Pipes - 5" Pastel Fumed, Assorted Colors

We offer 5" Pastel Fumed Sherlock Glass Pipes in assorted colors at low prices in California. These hand pipes are perfect for retailers and consumers looking for high-quality, visually appealing smoking accessories.

Pastel-Fumed Glass: The standout feature of these pipes is the pastel-fumed glass, which gives each piece a unique, iridescent appearance. The fuming process involves treating the glass with precious metals like silver and gold, resulting in a spectrum of pastel colors that change under different lighting conditions. This makes each pipe not just a smoking tool but a piece of art.

Sherlock Design: Inspired by the classic Sherlock Holmes style, these pipes have a curved shape and an extended bowl. They offer a sophisticated look and a comfortable smoking experience. The design also allows more excellent smoke due to the longer path from the bowl to the mouthpiece.

Assorted Colors: Each pipe comes in various colors, giving customers the option to choose according to their style. The assortment of colors, combined with the unique pastel fuming, ensures that no two pipes are identical.

These 5" pastel-fused Sherlock Glass Pipes are for California-based smoke shops, head shops, and online retailers looking to offer distinctive, high-quality smoking pipes at competitive prices. Their appealing design and affordable cost make them popular among many customers.

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