Extra Filteration Showerhead Glass Ash Catcher

Item Code AC01-90-18male
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Exploring the Benefits of Extra Filtration Ash Catchers
Glass StyleStandard Glass
Joint Angle90°
Ground Joint18Male
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Ash Catchers & Pre-Coolers | Best Glass-on-Glass Water Pipe Filtration Attachments

Our ash catchers and pre-coolers are the ideal glass-on-glass attachments for enhancing water pipe filtration. These accessories are designed to trap ash and debris, ensuring cleaner smoking sessions and cooling down the smoke for a smoother experience. Made from high-quality glass, they easily attach to water pipes, adding an extra layer of filtration without compromising the taste or quality of your smoke. Perfect for those who value purity and smoothness in their sessions, our ash catchers and pre-coolers are essential for any discerning smoker. With their superior design and functionality, these attachments are among the best solutions for an upgraded and cleaner smoking experience.



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