Wig Wag Blowing Art

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Wig Wag US Reversal Glass Blowing Art
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Wig Wag Glass Bowls for Bongs and Dab Rigs - Bong Attachments Wholesale

We are introducing our wholesale Wig Wag Glass Bowls collection, perfect for bongs and dab rigs. These bong attachments fuse artistic design and functionality, offering aesthetic appeal and practicality for smoking enthusiasts. Crafted with the distinctive wig wag glass technique, each bowl features a swirl of captivating colors, making them functional pieces and works of art.

  • Unique Wig Wag Design: The bowls are adorned with the wig wag pattern, a popular glassblowing technique that creates a mesmerizing swirl of colors. This distinctive design ensures that each bowl is unique and appealing to customers who appreciate individuality in their smoking accessories.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Designed to fit a variety of bongs and dab rigs, these bowls are a versatile addition to any smoke shop's inventory. They enhance the apparatus's functionality while adding a touch of style.

  • Durable Glass Construction: Made from high-quality glass, these bowls are built to withstand heat and regular use, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Wholesale Availability: These wig-wag glass bowls are offered at wholesale prices, making them an excellent option for retailers looking to expand their range of smoking accessories. The wholesale purchase allows for competitive pricing and an attractive profit margin.

  • Broad Appeal: These bowls' striking appearance appeals to a broad range of customers, from those new to smoking to seasoned connoisseurs.

These Wig Wag Glass Bowls are perfect for retailers seeking something unique and eye-catching in their bong and dab rig accessory range. Their vibrant colors, durability, and universal fit make them popular among consumers, ensuring they are a valuable addition to any wholesale smoking accessory collection.

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